[Video] Quick Creative Marketing tip about planting seeds…even in the summer!




I hope you are enjoying your summer! It’s been incredibly hot here in Atlanta, that’s for sure. Everyone’s goal has been to keep cool and find water!

It’s really easy in the summer to get lulled into not taking action in your business. I know a lot of clients will say that people won’t hire you in the summer.


And another perspective is what I share in this short video message about planting seeds.


I’m expanding into corporate work – what about you?




I have been working on the next evolution of my business and it includes an expansion into working with mission-driven bigger companies. I’m already working with 3 non-profit companies on their business visioning and strategy. It’s exciting, fun and very profitable.

If you already work with corporate or would like to expand and bring your programs into bigger companies then you’ll want to pay attention.

I’d like to introduce you to my coach, Belinda Pryne with BIG Innovation Group.

She has been instrumental in helping me reclaim my corporate experience and bring it together with my 15 years of working with entrepreneurs into a clear message and methodology.

Belinda is hosting a webinar on Thursday, July 21 about this very topic. 

She’s going to be sharing the three P’s of big corporate contracts. They are what will not only set you apart from your competition but also allow you to be seen as an expert in your field. 


Today’s Energy Infusion Words: JoyFlow Sightings


Joyflow Sightings2.blogToday’s Energy Infusion Words: JoyFlow Sightings. A simple yet powerful practice – look for where the joy is flowing and expanding. Sometimes it’s the big successes and more often it’s right there in the simple things…discovering s new song that moves you, a great conversation, a good run, a synchronistic connection or a brave committed action. What are your JoyFlow Sightings?

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