[video] Worst Marketing Ever – Event Gift Bags!



Tis the season for lots of events…1 day workshops, 2 and 3-day conferences! One thing they all have in common is that you usually receive a gift bag. 

I can tell you after 30 years of being in marketing – these are always poorly done!  Usually as an after thought!

I hope you enjoy my video message as I share some strategies and ideas for how you can make your event gift bags more engaging, creative and successful and I offer tips for you if you are putting something into a gift bag. (What to put in a gift bag has to be one of the #1 questions I get!)

Marketing Success – Event Gift Bag Strategies Video


Today’s Infusion Words: Stop Hiding!


Stop Hiding

Today’s Infusion Words: Stop Hiding! Where do you need to stop hiding? At work? In your business? In a relationship? Where is it time to share your voice, your opinion or your unique creative approach? #CreativityinBusiness #marketingsuccess #successmindset #creativepower #InfusionWords