[Friday Joy Infusion] Check out my BLAB interview on Felicia Slattery’s show…



 – it’ll be fun AND useful for your next networking event!


Happy Friday! 

I hope you are enjoying your day and that those of you in the United States are enjoying a little post-turkey dinner down time.

I’m up near Lake Hartwell in Georgia visiting my parents. My sister came down with her family (3 boys) and I came up with my boys. I’m very grateful that it’s sunny out so everyone can get outside – that is a lot of testosterome!

I wanted to share something fun for next week with you!

I’m going to be interviewed on Felicia Slattery’s BLAB show. Where I’ll be sharing my Creative Networking tips. I turn into a bit of an introvert when I am at a networking event so I’ve learned a few strategies that work for me in creating personal connections. (First tip: I reframe and call it Personal Connecting instead of scary Networking!) (more…)

Wanna see my gratitude list?



I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and loving gratitude for having you in my community and my life. I am glad you are here.

I thought I would share my JoyFlow Sightings also known as my gratitude list with you today as we in the states celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Know that I appreciate all that you do, who you be and your big dreams that are just around the corner!

Love to you,



Are You A Joyful Renegade?



Hello Beautiful Soul! 

I am back from a retreat travel tour! I’ve spent the last four weeks with women business owners going deep, getting real and talking truth.

It’s been an incredible soul-full time. You see…retreats are different than workshops.

It’s not about training – although that happens. It’s about going inside and being willing to be vulnerable about what is most important to you. And then shifting whatever is getting in your way to move forward so you can create what really matters in your business and your life.

At the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea in Virginia Beach, I sat one afternoon listening to these women’s stories and dreams…including the secret dreams that they were just starting to articulate perhaps for the first time…and I realized that we are all bucking the system.

We are tired of the boxes that have been created for women entrepreneurs, online marketers, moms, single women, married partners. We just can’t take it any longer!

Every woman I talked to over the last four weeks shared her deepest desires that are unique to her…they don’t look like what everyone else is doing. They want to do it THEIR way!

I hear stories from women who want to… (more…)