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Happy Friday!

One of the things I love to do on a Friday is to spend a little time outdoors at a café and write my gratitude list. 

Or, what I call my JoyFlow Sightings.

Actually I created this special JoyFlow Sighting Memo pad to remind me of the power of appreciation. 

You know what you focus on expands. When you are feeling good…anything is possible.

The JoyFlow Sighting Memo pads help you to remember to capture the good vibes that are going all around you!

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[New Video] Birthday Sale & Want a sneak preview…?


cupcake_yellowI’ve been having so much fun this week celebrating my birthday.  It’s been gorgeous weather here in Atlanta so being outside just feels so gooooood!

And you know…when you feel good…anything is possible, right?

That is also the premise behind my Joyful Business Guide™ system – feeling good.  When you are in alignment with your passion, desires, talents, creativity and authentic voice…your dreams are possible!

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Meanwhile, enjoy this video where I talk more about the Joyful Business GuideTM  and how you can design your own creative business plan bringing together your passions, talents and creativity along with structure and action. 

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