Last chance to sign up for the 30-Day Passion Project – we start tomorrow!


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re squeezing in just a bit more fun this weekend!

As you know, passion and joy are part of my big WHY in my business, and over the past two years, I’ve been working with a lot of women on creating their own “peanut butter cup” version of combining passion and joy together in a Passion Project.

For them as well as for me, diving into your passion does a mind, body, and soul good…



It’s about feeling good, positive, immersing in possibilities, holding a focus, being a champion and being championed…

I could say so much more… and I want to share what other creative, PASSIONATE entrepreneur women have to say about discovering their Passion Projects…


I could see the actual possibility that my project could become a reality!

I once again felt a huge sense of hope for the big project I originally went into business for!

After this workshop I have a clear focus and feel more passion about my project!

I finally gave myself permission to have passion about my work!

Love synching passion project ideas with specific business goals to help me prioritize.

I feel so much more optimistic and excited about my business!

I feel more energized, more focus, fine-tuned and encouraged!

Love the new tools and the potential I feel!

I know have way more enthusiasm, momentum and clarity!

It’s an incubator for your confidence!

I’ve taken more action in 30 days than the last year!


Let’s recap….


Heart Tugs to Imagination.

Ideas to Manifestation.

Passion = More Energy.

More Focus = Real Action.

Commitment & Permission = Inspired Actions.

Then you have Flowmentum! And real success you are excited and proud of!


Aren’t you ready to experience this, too?


That’s what the 30-Day Passion Project is all about!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30-Day Passion Project.

We start TOMORROW and go for 30 days.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far in this email, there is something here for you!

And it’s a really easy, YES way to bring your passion to life… IF you sign up by today.

Go here and sign up now… and let’s start getting YOUR Passion Project out into the world.

We start tomorrow…. join us so I can hear about YOUR Passion Project and help you make your idea real!

$97 Early Bird Price on Passion ends today!


I just had to share this story with you!

Listen in as I interview Ellen Britt from Pink about how the 30-Day Passion Project programs have changed her entire business!

She went from a seed of an idea in the first 30-Day Passion Project to where she is today sporting a totally new brand and business model, and she is re-infused with fun and energy about her business!

All through participating in 30-Day Passion Projects!

Taking that first step in a Passion Project has led Ellen to amazing shifts in her business: changing her business name, creating a new kind of woman-to-woman led mastermind, a collaboration with a village of women in Peru, to launching Pink Coattails networking circles.


And it’s just beginning…

All of this from joining 30-Day Passion Project Programs to focus, take action, get feedback, and see what’s possible.

“The 30 Day Passion Project is a confidence incubator for that inkling of an idea you have!” ~ Ellen Britt

I just had to interview Ellen so you can share in her story and success!


Listen into my interview with Ellen here.


(And learn why she’s done SEVEN 30-Day Passion Project programs! This will be her 8th one!)

All about passion,

Deadline is tomorrow! Dare to Embrace Your Creative Courage!


I wanted to make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s deadline for the low-low-low price of $97 for the 30-Day Passion Project.

(A mixed-media canvas I created for my own Passion Project last year)

I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs dare to embrace their courage and create a Passion Project as a way of putting your gifts into the world!

I have so many heartfelt and brilliant success stories about how others… people just like you… have used this 30-day supportive incubator to claim, explore, and play with your big message and movement as a Creative Inspirational Leader!



Want to join us? Details and registration here.

We start June 1, but if you join right now, you get the entire 30 days for only $97.

The prices goes up to $197 tomorrow, May 28, so don’t delay!

No project is too small to explore or too big to claim! And… you’ll be doubly inspired by supporting everyone else’s creative projects too!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the program. Let’s birth your Passion Project into the world!