[Miracle Marketing Message] My Big Leaps from the Ledge!



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I might seem like a calm, mild-mannered Clark Kent of the business coaching world to you, but those who get to know me or work with me intimately know that I am a pretty big risk taker.

If something isn’t working in my life or business, I identify where the friction is. Where are the opportunities to get it flowing again? What needs to shift or embraced. And, sometimes, what needs to be let go.

I am hugely passionate about possibilities. I believe that we can we can have and do anything we really want in life.

But that also means you have to get comfortable being really uncomfortable standing on the ledge before you take that big leap.

I’ve made the big leap in many forms: moving from my hometown to the big city of Chicago in my 20’s… to leaving a stressful but six-figure job in corporate to start my own business almost 15 years ago… to leaving behind marriages and relationships that I’ve outgrown or weren’t healthy for me… to shifting my brand and reinventing my business every few years (which is a very public thing, by the way!).

Oh, and I made literal big leaps, too! In a tandem hang glider off Mt. Tamalpais and also jumping off of a small platform 50 feet up in a tree to zip line to the ground.

It takes big ovaries!

It also takes a big heart, huge trust in myself and in something bigger than just me, and a gigantic commitment to be the best me, live my best life, and inspire other women to do the same!

I still remember standing on that wooden platform 50 feet up in a tall tree in the redwoods of California contemplating my big leap. I still had an adrenaline jitters from climbing this big-ass tree. Just making it up onto the platform was an amazing accomplishment. Then to turn around and jump off… I was shaking like crazy!

I know I had a safety harness on and in theory would zip line safely right down to the ground, but taking that leap off the edge was so scary. In fact, I did a whole dance of standing at the edge of the platform willing myself to step off, then sitting down on the platform thinking about scooting off the edge, and then standing again and sitting again. It’s kind of funny when I think about it now, but I was so full of fear at the time.

I finally looked out over the horizon, and I could just make out the light blue edge of the Pacific Ocean, and I started breathing again. I got grounded and got clear about what I wanted. I wanted to experience the fun of zipping down to the ground, and the only way I would get to do that was to leave the safety of my little nest in the tree.

So I sat down and scooted to the edge of the platform, closed my eyes, felt into that deep trust and pushed off… and after a brief moment of terror feeling the bottom go out from under me… it was exhilarating!

I can honestly say that the torture I put myself through on the platform was way more agonizing than actually taking the leap!

So whatever leap you are facing in your business or even in your life, know that standing on the ledge drowning in JoyFear is worse than actually taking the leap.

Once you leap, you are in action, and it’s in this place that you can co-create and be in your power with the experience.

I’d love to hear about the big ledge leaps you are contemplating or have taken! Feel free to post on my Facebook page, or if you’d rather, email me privately to share.


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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


hanggliding_lauraAre you finding yourself on the ledge? On that edge of making a big leap?

Maybe you are standing on that ledge ready to reinvent yourself or finally claim that bigger message and bigger visibility that comes with being a leader in your business?

It’s a scary place. I call it the place of JoyFear.

You are excited and passionate about what’s next… and yet terrified to let go.

[Miracle Marketing Message] Your Quarterly Creative Business Plan Check-in



Listen to: Your Quarterly Creative Business Plan Check-in



It’s the end of first quarter going into April. Have you set some time up to review your creative business plan?

It’s important to take time out to see where you are and adjust where you want to go. Otherwise, you’ll wake up at the end of the year surprised or even disappointed.

This week, I’ve planned several days of Creative Business Planning time.

This is time where I check in with what my business is telling me.

Knowing my vision and goals, I look at what’s working. What’s not working?
I take time to stop and listen.

Yes, your business speaks to you.

There are signals. Where the energy is high and success is flowing… there are expansion opportunities.

Maybe the energy is stopped up.

A sales page or even your website has gotten so overgrown that clients can’t figure out what to do anymore. Or maybe it’s you who is stopping the flow… you are bored or confused, and your business results show it.

Do you have stagnate energy in your business? A good-selling product that is no longer selling. Does the marketing need to be refreshed, or is it time to pull it off the shelf?

This is also a good time to check in with yourself as well. Ask yourself, “what do I want more of and what do I want less of?”

Make adjustments. Change your mind. You can change it up.

Don’t wait until the end of the year. It’s too late then. You’ll once again have a business that isn’t quite meeting your expectations.

During this quarterly creative planning time, you want revisit your vision and goals for what you are creating and adjust your plans.

Sometimes it’s hard to see for yourself.

You need someone to help you identify what’s not working and why it’s not working. It’s always harder to do for your own business. I always have a business support team of coaches, trusted colleagues, and experts who can help me see the friction and flow in my business success.

Helping me identify what’s getting in the way of my growth.

Who helps you listen to your business?

Do you know what’s working and what’s not? And why?

Take some time this week to visit your creative marketing plan and make adjustments. If you can’t see it yourself or you need support in growing your business, it’s time to reach out and get help before it’s too late!

Cheers to your business flourishing in the 2nd quarter!


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