Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Welcome to this community of passionate world changers!

I know that as passionate as you are about what you are up to in the world, there are times when you are tired, overwhelmed, or you’ve just misplaced your passion somewhere and you’ll be damned if you can find it!

This is a good time to play a game.

Yep. Just let go of the fussing, whining, irritability for one day.

And for the next 24 hours… what if you actively looked for what’s going good?

Tomorrow you can go back to the grumbles or confusion or irritability. What if you just gave yourself 24 hours of seeing what IS working, who loves you, and the beauty of the world around you?

What’s possible?

What’s Your Big Leap? Free Open Coaching Call next week


I’d like to invite you to a special Open Coaching Call about YOUR Big Leap!

This is an opportunity to bring your Big Leap to the call and have a chance to share what’s going on for you and be coached on making your courageous next move.

So many of us are going through huge shifts and changes right now. You might feel the signs…

…That restless energy that something needs to change… you might not even know what it is, or you may have a glimpse.

…Maybe you have woken up and realized that your business isn’t where you want it to be – that you aren’t reaching as many people or making as much money as you have dreamed. You are starting to wonder if it’s all worth it.

…You might be like many women business owners that I talk to who have been at your business for a while and you feel burned out… and you’ve lost your passion for the very thing you put your stake in the ground for!

…Or maybe you are clear that there is a new next level of leadership, visibility, and success that you are ready for… and it’s scaring you to step out into it.

This is the perfect place to have these conversations!

Come ready to talk about your business, and I’ll share my insights, intuition, and practical business smarts to help you see that next step… that next leap… that next place for you to grow!

Open Coaching Call

DATE: Thursday, April 30
TIME: 11:00 am eastern | 10:00am central | 9:00am mountain | 8:00 am pacific | 5:00pm UK
LENGTH: 90 minutes


You can register for this free call here.


Looking forward to helping you get clear about YOUR Big Leap next week!

How to Use Mindmaps to Create Your Online Course


I’m off to a 3-day workshop, but first I wanted to share with you a video tip I created for the community over at ruzuku.

(Ruzuku is one of my favorite online course delivery systems! I’ve created and delivered over 30 modules using it – AND IT WAS SO EASY!)

You can watch my video tip about “How To Create Your Course Using A Mindmap” right now. (Just click the video below.)

There’s a bunch of other course creation tips, AND they even have a cool new program coming up called the 30-Day Course Creation Challenge… and the extra good news is that it’s free!

Gotta run! Need to go pack my tote bag for this workshop. You know what I mean… markers, notebook, healthy snacks, phone charge, business cards.

There’s a science to this!

Enjoy the video tips and the free 30-Day Course Creation Challenge!

P.S. You can create your own courses with ruzuku, too!