Are you ready for truth telling, new habits, new beliefs, and creating a new story?


A really good mastermind is a wonderful, scary, awesome, amazing, and terrifying thing.

And it’s truly beautiful to see women embrace their creative power in a whole new way.

I don’t want to scare you with how powerful a mastermind can me, especially one of mine(!). I have a reputation for being fiercely loving. Truth telling without banging your head with a 2×4 so you can’t actually hear it… truth telling with a loving gaze and steady hand on your back.

When you’re part of a mastermind like the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind, there are new habits and beliefs you will try on… those very habits and beliefs that will finally help you shift you from HERE to THERE.

You’ll learn to let go instead of push, trust instead of needing all the answers RIGHT NOW, shift from “it has to follow this model” to “this is how I want to do it” and believing this is your right and true path to success.

What I’ve seen over this last year’s Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind is that the biggest struggle wasn’t over revenue or getting new clients or launching… it was about no longer struggling against yourself.

Because that is when the magic happens.

Absolute clarity comes whooshing in!

Fresh passion. Renewed energy. Deep trust.

And yes… the outward signs of success…

Projects move forward with greater ease.

Amazing opportunities come your way. New clients just show up.

Acknowledgment from your peers and fans.

Creative collaborations that surprise you and are so in alignment with your vision that you didn’t even think to dream about it!

And did I mention a creative fire is rekindled deep within and moves you into action with ease and grace? While there are still stumbles, doubts and down moments, you trust and you know how to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, so you move through with less effort and more flow.

This is the magical power of a transformational mastermind.

The mastermind journey is about being brave enough to create a new story and actually believe it inside and out.

Are you ready to start your new story?

what if you could start this journey today?

I only have 6 spots for this intimate, transformational mastermind. If you are ready to rise up to the next expansion in your business… and your life… this is perfect for you! If you are claiming your creative thought leadership, stepping into a new creative message in a bigger and more visible way, or are looking to re-ignite your passion and creativity from the inside out… this is what you are looking for! For more information go to 2015 Coaching Program webpage.

If you are interested in the mastermind, just review the information (you’ll see the link to the Information Packet on the coaching page) and send me the answers to the 5 questions (in the information packet) about your business. Then we’ll set up a time for an interview and discussion about your situation, goals and intentions, and the program so we can make sure it’s the right fit for you. No pressure… I like to make sure the right people find a home in the mastermind together.

And as soon as you join, I’ll add you to the scrumptious private Facebook group where we will begin this journey together.

As always, if you have any questions about this program please be in touch. Don’t sit and wonder… just reach out!

To the new story,

P.S. And if you’re not interested in the in-depthness of an intimate mastermind like Courageous Creativity in Business, but you still want to explore using your creativity and intuition with unconventional business strategies, you might be interested in the Creative Business Studio. We start next week, and there are yummy discounts if you join by March 6 (but you don’t want to wait that long before you can become part of this amazing community!).

[Miracle Marketing Message] Audio & Article: You Are a Business Artist



Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: You Are a Business Artist



You Are An Artist.

You create your life. You create your business.

Every day.

In every moment.

This is why I know you are creative. Because you are creating everything around you right now.

As the artist of your life, you create the outfit you have on right now… whether it’s comfy and cozy, creative casual, projecting a professional presence, or something that’s fun and quirky.

Look around you at your office space. You create your environment.
Is it colorful and energizing? Is it calm? Is it organized? Does it work for you and make you happy? Or are you on default and not paying attention?

You also create your thoughts. Are they empowering thoughts that help connect you to your confidence, your courage, and take action? Or are they pulling down into that Vortex of Doubt?

As an artist in your business, you create emails, newsletters, and videos.

You create a presence on social media by how you show up, how you respond, what you LIKE, share and comment on – you are the artist of your social media presence.

You create an experience for your clients when they work with you, in workshops, trainings, retreats, and even through your products.

I am creating an experience for you and with you right now.

You create.

Whether it’s intentional or not… you are creating.

In every moment you are co-creating with everything around you. With your circumstances, the people around you, and the opportunities that pop up in your life and business.

Owning your Creative Power is when you acknowledge and consciously work with the idea that you are co-creating with everything around you. Realizing that in every moment you have an impact and you have a choice.

That can be very empowering, if you let it.

So, starting right now…

…What are you creating in this moment?

Is it moving you closer to your vision? Or is it moving you away from what you truly want?


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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


This week has been a very big week here at the Center for Joyful Business. I launched the free teleclass series, “What Got You Here – Won’t Get You There.” It was a very powerful and intimate call to step into your leadership in your life and business. In fact, I call on you to claim that you are a Business Artist!

If you missed it, you can still sign up here, and be part of this Wednesday’s and Friday’s classes!

And…. drum roll…

I’ve just opened the doors for my two new 2015 Coaching Programs. The first is the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind – a 10-month powerful program to step into your Creative Leadership. And yes, it includes two transformative retreats by-the-sea, private coaching, and more. You can find the information package and how to apply here.

You may also be interested in the new Creative Business Studio. It’s a yearlong membership into a studio and community where you can practice being a Business Artist… doing business the way your creative, intuitive, and sensitive soul really wants to be in business. It’s going to be a powerful community and quite frankly, a home for creative intuitive souls in business. Find out more details here.