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Happy Place-in-between-the-old-year-&-the-new-year!

I always find that this is such an interesting week. This week in between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s like a lost land… do I take off, do I get planning done, clean the house and paint the bedroom (yes!), leave the decorations up to enjoy longer, take them down to start the new year organized?

It’s like I want to honor the past year and present moment, and I am oh-so eager to embrace the new energy of a new year.

I have a couple of rituals that help me move through this time. One: I create a Celebration Flower for the past year. Here’s a pix of last year’s as I’m still working on this year’s flower. 🙂

I also select 3 Infusion Words for the new year ahead.

These are words that speak to me. Words (or phrases) that I choose that are what I want more of for the year ahead.

During one of my private client retreats here in Atlanta, we created our Infusion Word art for 2015.

You can see a picture of mine: Prosperous Expansion, Creative Wealth, and Audacious Joy! I get a tingle every time I read them or say them out loud!

[Miracle Marketing Message] The Biggest Gift You Can Give – Share Your Own Gifts!



Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: The Biggest Gift You Can Give – Share Your Own Gifts!



So often when clients first come to me they are searching “out there” for ideas, strategies and formulas for success in their business.

The thing is the answers aren’t out there… they are inside you.

You own uniqueness is what will make you stand out.

Your creative way of showing up and presenting solutions and ideas – will wake others up and have them take notice.

Your own original beauty and way of looking at the world is what will have others stand up and say, Oh, my god, you think that way too? I want to be around you and learn more about the way you think and act.

These are your biggest gifts to give the world this year.

And… It takes courage.

It takes commitment.

It takes owning your creative power to truly connect, to move people, and to inspire them.

There’s a place for formulas, blueprints and programs. It’s wise to learn from others who have gone before you so you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

But the first step to real growth starts inside with owning your own gifts and being willing to share them with others.


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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I am obsessed with Pentatonix and their holiday videos. I am such a classic holiday music lover – you know, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Elvis. I find most contemporary artists’ renditions of Christmas music ends up sounding kinda cheezy. But in comes Pentatonix: an incredible a capella group with a bit of beat box and a huge dose of creativity! When I watch the video of “Silent Night,” I totally teared up. Oh, and then I discovered “Mary, Did You Know?” and “The Little Drummer Boy.” Wow.

What is it about them?

To me they make you feel. When have you really “felt” when listening to a Christmas carol? They aren’t about performing, but more about giving a gift. Their songs are a gift.

Each of the members in the 5-person group know their brilliance… they are able to each use their strengths with their voice, personality, and creativity in a way that blends with the others in harmony to make the song so rich and full of aliveness.

If you have a few moments, take a PTX break and watch one of their videos on YouTube… Just click the video above.