$97 Early Bird Price on Passion ends today!

I just had to share this story with you!

Listen in as I interview Ellen Britt from Pink Coattails.com about how the 30-Day Passion Project programs have changed her entire business!

She went from a seed of an idea in the first 30-Day Passion Project to where she is today sporting a totally new brand and business model, and she is re-infused with fun and energy about her business!

All through participating in 30-Day Passion Projects!

Taking that first step in a Passion Project has led Ellen to amazing shifts in her business: changing her business name, creating a new kind of woman-to-woman led mastermind, a collaboration with a village of women in Peru, to launching Pink Coattails networking circles.

And it’s just beginning…

All of this from joining 30-Day Passion Project Programs to focus, take action, get feedback, and see what’s possible.

“The 30 Day Passion Project is a confidence incubator for that inkling of an idea you have!” ~ Ellen Britt

I just had to interview Ellen so you can share in her story and success!

Listen into my interview with Ellen here.

(And learn why she’s done SEVEN 30-Day Passion Project programs!)

Inspiring Passion Project Graphic & reminder that tomorrow is last day to save…

Wordle PP. tagxedo -  Heart

I wanted to share this inspiring heart graphic with you. It’s actually made up of words from my 30-Day Passion Project sales page! I just think that is way cool creative marketing! And I love sharing creative business ideas like these with you.

Speaking of creative business ideas… I wanted to send you a quick reminder that TOMORROW is the last day to get in on the early bird $97 pricing for the upcoming 30-Day Passion Project!

We have over 25 women in the September program so far… that’s a lot of energy, creativity, and ideas!

Here are just some of the creative business ideas percolating in the group already!

  • Creating a six month mastermind retreat – in a whole new creative way
  • 30 days of creativity
  • 30 days of juicy blogging
  • 30 days of feeding a hungry artist’s soul
  • Creating a podcast game show!
  • Creating a new signature system
  • Getting an online store up and running
  • And so much more…

Some are simple. Some are big visions. Many are about making internal shifts, and some of them are very specific focused marketing projects.

Your Passion Project will move your business forward. Yes, even if (especially if!) it’s creative, heart-driven, and passion-fueled!

Here’s a tip: You can also use this 30-Day Program to find your passionate energy, your creative way, your true voice, and your inspirational gifts. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Use this time as an incubator for the next phase of YOUR GROWTH!

I’m ready to hear what you are up to – join us today!