[Friday Joy Infusion] Today is the day! Dare to Embrace Your Creative Courage!


Happy Friday as you go off for your holiday weekend!

Before you’re off on a road trip or camped out by the pool, I wanted to make sure you don’t miss the September 4 deadline for the low-low-low price of $97 for the 30-Day Passion Project.


(A mixed-media canvas I created for my own Passion Project earlier this year)

I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs dare to embrace their courage and create a Passion Project as a way of putting your gifts into the world!

I have so many heartfelt and brilliant success stories about how others… people just like you… have used this 30-day supportive incubator to claim, explore, and play with your big message and movement as a Creative Inspirational Leader!

 30 Day Passion Project logo

Want to join us? Details and registration here.

We start September 8, but if you join right now, you get the entire 30 days for only $97.

The prices goes up to $197 on September 5, so don’t delay!

No project is too small to explore or too big to claim! And… you’ll be doubly inspired by supporting everyone else’s creative projects too!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the program. Let’s birth your Passion Project into the world!

Come join us – 30-Day Passion Project Program is open!


Woohoo!!! The doors are open, and we are ready for the next 30-Day Passion Project!

Are YOU?

30 Day Passion Project logo

I know as a creative type, I “suffer” from so many ideas and so much passion that it’s really easy for me to fritter away my time and energy on a lot of smaller actions… a little of this and a little of that.

Those actions that keep me busy but don’t make a huge difference in my Creative Thought Leadership and certainly won’t jump my income… and, honestly, it’s fun, but not fulfilling.

“Scattered Energy = Scattered Results”

“Focused Energy = Focused Results”

I see it with my clients all the time. Can you relate, too?

It really is time to say YES to that project… that one creative idea that won’t leave you alone. It might be scary and you keep resisting it. Or maybe your left brain analytical says, “Yeah, but…”

What if you give yourself permission to focus one ONE passion & creative idea for 30 days?

Test it out.

Explore it.

Immerse in it.

Prove to yourself what’s possible when you focus… along with a really supportive community!

This 30-day program is going to help you focus on your Passion Project – so you can do all that and more!

It’s 30 days full of creative energy, ideas, focus, support, community to help YOU move your Passion Project into being REAL!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30-Day Passion Project.

We already have women all around the world joining us to focus on their Passion Projects. Just think of the energy, inspiration, and support you’ll get knowing you’re part of this community of creative entrepreneurs creating projects that stir hearts and spirits!

I’ve led this program five times, and I have to tell you that many of the women are joining us again… because they got so much out of it… and they’re ready for more!

Wow…. can you imagine? How exciting it is to actually see your Passion Project birthed and out into the world?

Here’s what some of them said:








If you are tired of the same old marketing formulas and ready to tap into your creativity and passion – what makes YOU unique – then you’ll so want to join us!

I want to see YOUR Passion Project come alive!

Go here and sign up now while it’s ONLY $97 (such an incredible value!) … and you can start sharing your Passion Project, asking questions, and giving support to others – right away in our Facebook group!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project and help you create it into being! (Can you tell I’m excited too! I LOVE helping birth these Passion Projects into the world!)


[Miracle Marketing Message] The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama


All across the United States (and probably the world), kids have been going back to school. Here in the south, school started a couple of weeks ago. In the northeast, where Dawn my Business Manager lives, school starts this week. From kindergarten to grad school, it’s time to go back to school!

What that means is lots of shifting…. shifting from summer energy and activities to fall energy and routines. Even if you don’t have school-aged kids (or grandkids), you probably feel that change a comin’.

And the best way to shift is to let yourself into the flow. If you try to control the shift, then you’ll just create resistance. If you think you can control the shift, well…. maybe not so much.

Listen to this week’s Miracle Marketing Message on “The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama” to help you get into the flow!

Have a great week!


Audio_ipod_w-logoThe Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: The Control Dance – Shift that Control Drama


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