Courageous Creativity in Business Interview: Jill Badonsky


Courageous Creativity:  I’m fascinated by how it shows up in life and in business.  I created the Courageous Creativity in Business Interview Series to find out!

Today I’m interviewing one the Guest Business Muses of my Business Fusion StudioJill Badonsky of Kaizen Muse Creativity and author of The Muse is In: An Owner’s Manual to your Creativity.

Tell us a little more about your business.

I founded and direct Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification program. This is a coaching model based on the non-linear process of creativity and takes into account the resistances, sensitivity, and unique approach people take when engaged in the creative process. Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaches work with anyone wanting to be more creative, make progress on a creative passion, or simply create steps to meet their vision with gentleness, intuition, and imagination. We specialize in breaking through procrastination, overwhelm, fear, self-sabotage, and difficulty getting started.

The three books I’ve written/illustrated on the creative process reinforce the training:

  • Jill_Badonsky_1cover real cover with museThe Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration
  • The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder
  • The Muse is IN: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity

What do you do to prime your creative pump?

To prime the creative pump I meditate, take walks, read inspiring material, and listen to music. Talking to others about the process almost always leads to an “aha” moment as well.

What do you do when you feel stuck or blocked on a project? 

I do a number of things. Since the creative process is a bit fickle what works one day, doesn’t work the next so having a variety works:

  1. I ask a small question about it: What would make this easier? How can I make this fun?
  2. I break it down smaller – sometimes I have a block because my expectations are too big.
  3. I team up with someone and work at the same time. Holding the space for each other creates a wonderful grounding energy that’s also inspiring.
  4. I revisit things I’ve done in the past to remind myself what worked.
  5. I meditate or take a walk.

What role does passion play in your business?

Passion is vital to the success of my business. Since what I do requires perseverance, I need to love what I do. My business reflects my the core beliefs I feel passionate about:  having fun, sharing my knowledge, talking about creativity, meeting kindred souls, and helping others it is easy to show up for what I do.

What would you consider your bigger Passion Project?  What do you feel you are here to create?

I feel like I’m doing exactly what I was called to do which is an incredible feeling: Design education around inspiring people to liberate their creativity in a way that is both profound and playful, and to share my own creative expressions and humor.

Where do you see the next edge of your Courageous Creativity? 

Jill_Badonsky_may 2013 painting classI’m moving into making pod-casts that are fun, entertaining and educational. I’m also ready to write and illustrate another book, this one a little more pure humor and less self-help… but it seems like simply following a creative call results in intuitive detours that are better than anything I can plan, so I’m staying open.

What encouraging words can you offer to our community about claiming their Courageous Creativity in Business?

Most everyone comes face to face with their demons when executing an endeavor such as a business. Don’t feel alone if you are reluctant, procrastinating, overwhelmed or thinking you made a mistake in choosing to do this. Focus in on why you are passionate about what you are doing, break it down to tiny steps, take breaks, reach out for help and for goodness sake, where you can — make it fun!

Where can our creative community find out more about you and your business?

Sign-up for my newsletter at (with a title beside your name like Mary Smith, Writer or Jennie Jones, Business Goddness) and I’ll send you a free Tah-Dah List PDF.

Personal Note from Laura:  Jill is getting ready to teach another one of her Creative Coaching Programs!  She is a pioneer in the creative coaching industry.  If you sign up – tell her Laura sent you! 🙂

Everyone is asking me…what is creativity exactly? Let your senses tell you… more below


As I am becoming known for being a Passionista for Creativity, I do get a lot of questions about creativity. Starting with…

What exactly IS creativity?


Is it something you can bottle up?

creativity_in_a_bottleFrom Smashing Magazine‘s 2013 Photo Contest: “My bottle of creativity” designed by Stefania Peter


What does it look like?



What does it smell like?



What does it sound like?



To me it starts with opening up your senses. Letting your body – your heart, eyes, fingers, tastebuds, nose, ears and even your cells – communicate with you. Your senses give you clues to your own creativity.

They tell you when you feel a spark, that aliveness… that’s where your creativity lies!

It takes some practice. To open up those senses and allow that flow of creativity to run through your channels and out into a practical project.

A lot of us grew up thinking that we weren’t creative. I know I did. Or, maybe, you were when you were young… and then you forgot. Maybe corporate rewarded other behavior. Maybe your parents did or your partner.

Embracing your creativity can be full of JoyFEAR.

It feels SO good! And it can be scary.

That’s why I created this brand-new mastermind program called Courageous Creativity in Business. To help those who resonate with this message and are ready to claim their courage and creativity and channel it into their business (and your life!).

If you’re ready to let your creative expression and message out more so you can grow and flourish, then my Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind By-the-Sea may be just the thing for you. This mastermind will help you open up your creativity personally and then put it into your business in a big way.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email and ask for the Information Package. I’m happy to share it with you. (I am sure it will inspire you!)




Once you review the program in more detail, then we can set up a time for a phone call to find out if it’s truly the right program for you. (I’ve had several phone calls over the last two weeks… and for some it’s the perfect thing they have been looking for. For others, it’s a bit premature or maybe the timing is off… that’s ok, I may have other programs that can support you.)

This is a small intimate group of creative women I will support throughout the year, and they’ll champion each other too! There’s only room for 6-8 women, and a few of the spots are filled already. So don’t wait… if this calls to you, then let’s talk about it!

Here’s to what I know for sure… Opening up the blocks so you can let out your creativity in a bigger way in your life and through your business is what will shift your success!

Isn’t it time?



P.S. The Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea starts March 1st, and there are some early bird incentives (like saving BIG $$) if you sign up by February 14th. It helps me know how big of a house to reserve by the ocean! Let’s talk about YOUR spot … so don’t wait! Email me today!

How To Test A New Idea or Concept? Experiment!


experiment-wordle-300x204Do you want to explore a new concept, idea or philosophy but you aren’t sure if it will fly?

Maybe you have this “crazy thought” that you can’t get out of your head but you keep stopping in your tracks?

Do you have a great business idea but the energy is heavy and you know you want to move forward but it feels like you are walking in quicksand?

I recommend using that age-old creative strategy: Experiment! Give yourself permission to test a new idea and see what type of feedback you receive.

Give yourself permission to test a new idea and see what type of feedback you receive.

Don’t put huge expectations that it has to be a gigantic success immediately. That creates heavy pressure and often will keep you from doing anything.

Instead test your idea, concept or program.

When you are stretching into this new body of work you don’t always have all the answers and proof that it works. Creating ways to experiment with your concepts, ideas and thoughts is a way of getting feedback to determine the interest and it will also give you new perspectives you probably haven’t even thought of.

Ways to experiment:

  • Write a blog post
  • Write an article
  • Write a series of articles
  • Write about it in short spurts on social media
  • Ask questions about the topic on social media
  • Hold a teleclass
  • Send out a survey to your list
  • Talk with your clients about it
  • Share it with a small group
  • Pilot a smaller version like a short workshop
  • Put together a Research & Development team around the topic to explore it further
  • Get together a bunch of colleagues and ask for their ideas and thoughts
  • Create a series of Photo Quotes focused on this topic
  • Create a video series

How to Dive Deeper

Experiment-bottle-225x300Each of these experiments will help you dive deeper into your new content and understand it in a richer way and give you new insights you might never have thought of.

Plus, you’ll see where the excitement and interest is from your community and confirm your decision to take it further or to let the idea go. Experiments help you decide where to put your time, effort and money next in your business.

Experiments help you decide where to put your time, effort and money next in your business.

YOU will also learn a lot from sharing.

So often when we think we are onto a new idea we want to keep it a secret.  When you share and put this idea into a form (like from the list above) you then explore and play with different ways of describing it, asking questions about the topic in different ways, and you learn more, clearer ways to talk about your idea.

You become the curator of this idea.

You gather all things related to that idea and see how they can be put together, what other people think about the idea and what it will spur in them, or not.

One of my business coaching clients owns a family florist shop (in addition to several other online businesses) and she has always wanted to expand  into providing floral services for local businesses – to become their preferred “go-to” florist for special events for their employees.

She knew it was a good idea for an additional revenue stream in the local market. And yet, it had a heavy energy and she had been dragging her feet for years.  We figured out she felt like she needed to have a “sales conversation” and program all ready and put together. There was too much pressure to get it all perfect, right out of the gate.

We came up with the idea for her to experiment and test it out at her next local networking meeting in a fun and creative way.  Her floral designers have created a  pretty “Everyday Bouquet” as a giveaway for her to take them to the networking meeting.

This totally lightened her energy. She felt like it was fun, engaging and a light way to test out a concept to give herself proof of decision. She was immediately excited and energized about experimenting and seeing what kind of feedback and conversations evolved.

Now she’s taking the feedback from her experiment and creating a program for her Florist business around it – and she’ll have more reinforcement of her decision and information for creating her program.

What idea keeps haunting you?

What idea, concept or product would benefit from lightening up the energy and testing the concept with an experiment?

Let me know below…I’d love to hear!