Passion, Permission, Flowmentum, & Success


As you know, I’ve been immersed in working with women on their Passion Projects.

For them as well as for me, diving into your passion does a mind, body, and soul good…


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Here is what these creative, PASSIONATE entrepreneur women have to say about discovering their Passion Projects…


I could see the actual possibility that my project could become a reality!

I once again felt a huge sense of hope for the big project I originally went into business for!

After this workshop I have a clear focus and feel more passion about my project!

I finally gave myself permission to have passion about my work!

Love synching passion project ideas with specific business goals to help me prioritize.

I feel so much more optimistic and excited about my business!

I feel more energized, more focus, fine-tuned and encouraged!

Love the new tools and the potential I feel!

I know have way more enthusiasm, momentum and clarity!

I’ve taken more action in 30 days than the last year!

 Let’s recap….

Heart Tugs to Imagination.

Ideas to Manifestation.

Passion = More Energy.

More Focus = Real Action.

Commitment & Permission = Inspired Actions.

Then you have Flowmentum! And real success you are excited and proud of!


Aren’t you ready to experience this too?

 30 Day Passion Project logo

That’s what the 30-Day Passion Project is all about!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30 Day Passion Project.

We start July 15 and go for 30 days.

Each and every day taking inspired actions to bring our Passions to reality.

Getting and giving support along the way.

Tapping into our Flowmentum™ energy that makes it easy to take yet another step forward!

Stop trying to justify or talk yourself out of it.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far in this email, there is something here for you!

And it’s a really great, easy YES to bring your passion to life… IF you sign up by Sunday, July 14.

Go here and sign up now… and let’s start getting YOUR Passion Project out into the world.

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project and help you make your idea real!

My real story behind Passion Projects & reminder that deadline to register is Sunday


As you can probably tell from all my posts and updates, I am off-the-charts passionate about the 30-Day Passion Project!

Back in 2011, I took a 3-month Creative Power Sabbatical from my business because I was so burnt out and exhausted from trying to following someone else’s formula. I truly was exhausted and far from my passionate and joyful self.

Imagine… your business name has “joy” in it, and you’ve lost your “joy!” YIKES!!

Well, the Creative Power Sabbatical worked.

Obviously… I connected into my joy and passion again!

What was the biggest reason for the shift?

Giving myself permission.

Yep. Permission to let go of trying to run my business and making offers like others told me I SHOULD.

Letting go of a business model that the only way to be successful was to focus on the money. Period.

It stripped my soul trying to be like someone else.

I finally gave myself permission to follow my passion and use my strengths to help others.

I found that Passion is truly contagious – it’s engaging – it’s compelling.

That’s actually how the 30-Day Passion Project was born. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE possibilities, ideas, and authentic expression.

Combine them together with business, and you have a Passion Project!

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to share this and put this out to my community!

My passion, joy, and enthusiasm were alive and excited!

And here’s the really, amazing, cool thing about this… I KNOW I’m on the right track – I’ve merged my passions and am bravely putting them out into the world as a Creative Inspired Leader!

Are you ready to feel like this? To let go of the formulas and the “shoulds”? To give yourself permission to be creative, passionate, and authentic?

The only thing you need to be more successful is a bit of structure and some support!

That’s where the 30-Day Passion Project will help you.

It starts July 15th and runs for 30 days. Join now and start letting your passion flow!

Get all the details at the 30-Day Passion Project. (By the way, we also have a convenient two-pay plan!)

I will say that it takes courage and giving yourself permission to say YES to a Passion Project!

But isn’t it time you started saying YES to your Passion?

I can’t wait to help you nurture your Passion Project alive!



Inspiring Passion Project Graphic & reminder that today is last chance to save…


Wordle PP. tagxedo -  Heart

I wanted to share this inspiring heart graphic with you. It’s actually made up of words from my 30-Day Passion Project sales page! I just think that is way cool creative marketing! And I love sharing creative business ideas like these with you.

Speaking of creative business ideas… I wanted to send you a quick reminder that today is the last day to get in on the early bird $97 pricing for the July 30-Day Passion Project!

There are lots of creative business ideas percolating in the group already! Some are simple. Some are big visions. Many are about making internal shifts, and some of them are very specific focused marketing projects.

Your Passion Project will move your business forward. Yes, even if (especially if!) it’s creative, heart-driven and passion-fueled!

Here’s a tip: You can also use this 30-Day Program to find your passionate energy, your creative way, your true voice, and your inspirational gifts. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Use this time as an incubator for the next phase of YOUR GROWTH!

I’m ready to hear what you are up to – join us today!