Look at these Creative Modules!


Have you heard the news?

I’ve opened the doors to the Business Fusion Studio! It’s a never-before-seen program helping you become more creative in business AND life!

I whole-heartedly believe… The more you open your personal creativity, the more wide open your business creativity becomes! And THAT’S what stands out and attracts people and opportunities to you!

I’ve created these amazing Creative Modules for the next 8 months. Take a sneak peek:


Notice what grabs your attention! You can buy these Creative Modules individually, or you can get an All-Access Pass for the entire 8 months, plus more goodies with our Grand Opening Special on the All-Access Pass… but you have to act now – by Monday, May 6th!


Check out the details on the Business Fusion Studio site.


I can’t wait to share these multi-media learning modules with you: creative, fun, courageously stretching… to create big shifts in your Creative Thought Leadership!

See you in the Studio!



Grand Opening! Business Fusion Studio – Where Passion, Creativity, & Business Meet


Drum roll, please….

Announcing the Grand Opening of…



Business Fusion Studio is here… it’s open, and it’s something like you’ve never seen before!

It’s going to be THE creative business program for inspired, visionary, and passionate entrepreneurs… like you!

One of the biggest yearnings I see is women (and some savvy men!) craving a new way of doing business and being in a business that honors the whole of them… their smart practical self and their intuitive, creative self.

I have created this new amazing (If I say so myself!) program called the Business Fusion Studio where you get to practice, play, and learn how to open up your creative self expression… and then apply that creativity into foundational marketing strategies.

Creativity + Passion + Business

It’s the idea that when you cultivate and unleash your Personal Creativity, you can’t help but see your Business Creativity soar as well.

That’s what will get attention and attract potential clients and joint venture partners like nectar to honey!


Business Fusion Studio…
where passion, creativity, and business meet!


You’ll receive a series of Personal Creativity and Creative Marketing modules delivered over 8 months, from May – December 2013.

Each month, there will be a new Personal Creativity Module as well as a Creative Marketing Module… 16 in all.

While you can buy these modules individually – very affordable if you want to pick and choose your interests.

AND – you can also get the All-Access Pass, which gives you – EACH MONTH – all this incredible creative business goodness:

  • Personal Creativity Module
  • Creative Marketing Module
  • Guest Business Muse Tool
  • LIVE Business Fusion Call with Laura

These Creative Modules are going to be an interactive learning tools using video, audio, PDFs, worksheets, and more! These are creative tools for the expansion and growth of your business as a Creative Inspirational Leader!

Check out Business Fusion Studio for more info, including a description of each of the 16 juicy Creative Modules, the Guest Business Muses we have lined up so far, and more.

Our Grand Opening Special is going on right now, but only through Monday, May 6th! So you’ll want to check it out now…

Get started now, too… our cool, new membership studio is open (you are gonna love this new educational program delivery system!)… so you can come in and introduce yourself to all the members who have already joined!

It’s growing fast!

This is definitely a milestone program in my business… I know it’s going to shift your creativity, confidence and courage in YOUR business!

Come on in… we are waiting for you!

Together on a creative journey for a new business paradigm…


Your 11 Creative Power Centers – and how to use them


All this talk about creativity…it’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes us feel very alive…

…but you may be asking, “How does this help me with my business?”

Let me show you!


Take a look at my Creative Power Center Model.

In your business, you have 11 Creative Power Centers. When you want to make a big shift in your business, say like stepping into your Creative Thought Leadership, then you need to activate and expand one or more of those 11 Creative Power Centers.

In looking at this model, where do you desire to expand so that your business can grow to the next level of authentic success?

I believe that as you ignite your personal creativity, you naturally expand your creative power and potential in your business, too!

If you are looking for the “secret” to growing your business, look at how you can grow in your Creative Power Centers!

This is what I’m going to be talking about on my brand new webinar coming on Thursday: Be Creatively Alive! Open up your Creative Aliveness in You…and Your Business!

In this creative and interactive webinar, I’ll share more about the Creative Power Centers and how you can open up your Personal Creativity for more Business Creativity. I’ll also take you through a special Creative Tool you can use in your business over and over!


I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be amazing! (if I say so myself!)


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs…

Be Creatively Alive!
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
Free Creative Webinar

Title: Be Creatively Alive! Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: 12:00pm eastern | 9:00am pacific | 5:00pm UK
Cost: FREE!


Find out more and register to
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness
for You & Your Business

Can’t wait to hear you on the webinar on Thursday!