Creative Biz Ideas from Singapore’s Supertrees!

This is fascinating! Singapore’s Supertrees!

Beauty + Creativity + Practical!

Just launching this weekend – The man-made mechanical forest consists of 18 Supertrees that act as vertical gardens, generating solar power, acting as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, and collecting rainwater.

These trees act as a vertical tropical garden, as the engine room for the environmental systems of the conservatory, and as rainwater receptacles. They will also be lit up at night, & some will connect by walkways to provide an aerial view of the garden.

How can you combine Beauty + Creativity + Practical in your business?

Here are the ideas and possibilities that come to mind when I see this project:

*How could you partner with someone to bring your creativity out into the world in a bigger way?

*Where can you add beauty to your marketing to “move” people – to inspire them?  People are thirsting to be moved and engaged!

*What ideas do you have that seem to CRAZY, so out there, that you are afraid of what others will think?  Take a step in THAT direction!  (what IF you could break through the info clutter & overwhelm and get attention?)

Love to hear what ideas come up for you!  Please post below….

PS:  Thanks to Fast Company’s Co-Exist for sharing this story and fab photos!

[Friday Joy Infusion] Stop Struggling – Find Out What’s Not Working… and What Is

Have you ever found yourself feeling adrift in the sea of the changing world? There is this new thing, and that new thing. And you market this way…. now that way. Hey, here’s this new model. Wait, that old one doesn’t work anymore….

This is one of the reasons I took my Creative Power Sabbatical last year…. I was struggling to keep up, and in that struggle I was losing my passion. (And I am SO excited to say that I have gotten it back – 10 times over!)

Anyway, my very good friend Marnie Pehrson (formerly of Idea Marketers and now Ignite Point) is putting together a panel of experts (including me!) to talk about

Igniting Your Business WOW:
What’s Working and What’s Not
In an Ever-Changing Online Marketplace

Wednesday December 12, 2012
1:30pm ET / 12:30pm CT / 11:30am MT / 10:30am PT

So, if you’re feeling adrift, just know that you are not alone! Over 2000 (yes, you read that right!) people have signed up.

It’s a free call, and it will be recorded and available as an audio, so please register whether you can make it live or not.

Register for the free telecall here.

Put the oars down, stop struggling, and join me and others on December 12 as we help you figure out what’s not working… and what IS working.