[Friday Joy Infusion] Okay, I’m not quite at the big 5-0 yet, but I’m excited about this…

I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the number that indicates how old I am. If it weren’t for my boys growing up so fast, I’d probably think I was still in my 30s!

And I’m not…

Here is what I have noticed: the closer to the big 5-0 I get, things definitely start shifting and changing… in all new ways I’ve never dealt with before. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and beyond.

That’s why I’m excited about what my business friend, Sue Donnelly, will be sharing with 9 other experts, including yours truly included, in a FREE Telesummit ’50 – Loving It.

What if… ?

  • You could stop your money worries, attract abundance and make Finance FUN?
  • You created beauty in your home and life environs to heal, motivate and inspire and uncover your unique brilliance?
  • Somebody gave you the Magic Formula so you can have a fabulous figure, stacks of energy AND still enjoy your food? And you can forget hot flashes and insomnia –they’ll be a thing of the past
  • You unveiled your own Signature Style that flatters your spirit and your silhouette? Just think. A fabulous closet of clothes that you love – that also love you back!
  • I’ll be sharing: Your Inner Goddess helped you to discover your purpose and passion so your life has meaning and joy on a daily basis?
  • Creating a living without a job meant that your work is also your profitable passion? Learn how you can be joyfully jobless. No more employers, no more worry about redundancy and no more 9-5.
  • You suddenly realize: OMG – That’s Me. Find your essential self and finally ‘get’ why you don’t love your job, your boss, your co-worker…….

This is exactly what this telesummit is about. The panel of fabulously generous, expert coaches will show you how to transform your life, starting right now, so you can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will share with you simple but effective strategies that you can implement in next to no time, and they work!

This ’50- Loving It Special Telesummit starts on June 18th!

If you want to make the most of your life and feel fabulous, what-ever age you are, you’ll want to listen in to these simple strategies, and make sure you have not just A life, but a MAGICAL Life.

Are you up for it? If so, join me here, and let’s create the second-half and make it even better than the first!!



Creating Time – Yes, You Can!

During my three-month Creative Power Sabbatical I have been obsessed with all things about creativity and business!  These are two of my loves mushed together!

Creating_Time_cvr_f_webSo, when Marney Makridakis, who is a well of endless creativity, shared with me her latest book, Creating Time, I was immediately intrigued.

When I got a peek inside…I went gaga!  It’s so uses creativity to bust open your creative muses and bust through the constant belief that you never have time for those muses!

It so fits in with Marney’s mission in life and why she founded the Artella online community for creators of all kinds and the print magazine, Artella.

I had the opportunity to ask Marney a few questions about time and the force behind Creating Time.

Why did you write Creating Time?