Joyful Business Show: Ken Mossman Interview

Welcome to my  interview with Ken Mossman of Cirrus Coaching!

As part of the Joyful Business Show, I’m interviewing my clients and other Joyful Business owners to hear how they are rippling out their meaningful work.

As I mentioned last week, I have a not-so-secret dream – all the men in the world could take Ken Mossman’s IAM (Integrated Adult Man) program. Ken is a long time friend, colleague and client who is an amazing coach, leader, writer and podcast host of the show Mojo for the Modern Man.

Watch or listen to my interview as he talks about his defining moment when he knew it was time to move forward with his movement. He also shares more about this important work he is bringing into the world with men.  We also get into what it takes to let your voice be heard through committing to a newsletter and a podcast.  It’s not for the faint of heart!

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{Miracle Marketing} slow-brewed, whole-hearted, hand-crafted…

Welcome to a fresh new month!

Can you believe it’s March already?

I love to think about a mantra for a new month. A mantra is a few words or a phrase that you say which reconnects you back to how you want to BE as you are creating.

I have one for the year and it’s still grounding and inspiring me:

I am living a slow-brewed, whole-hearted, hand-crafted life and business!

This connects me to who I want to BE and how I want to create. It’s really working, as you can see from below there is much expansion, creativity and whole-hearted success happening.

It’s amazing how the more I slow down, the more that takes root and blossoms.

I’ve often said over the years that SLOW is fast!

What’s your monthly mantra or theme for the year? How are you doing with it? Is it still guiding and inspiring you to what is most important?

Please enjoy the inspiration and creative sparks in this week’s Miracle Marketing email!

I hope you have a beautiful slow-brewed, whole-hearted, hand-crafted week!

Take Time to Nurture Your Current Clients and Community Every Day

Every day do something in your business to nurture your relationships.

Check in on current clients, past clients, colleagues and industry friends. You never know when planting that seed is the perfect timing for a need they have.

It can be something simple like sending an email, leaving a voice mail or a check in on social media. People are busy and tired right now and they want to be seen and acknowledged.

You don’t have to be selling something. Be generous with your attention and time each day.

What if you picked 3 people each day to check in on?

In a month you’ll have reached out to over 90 people! Simply by taking simple micro-actions each day.

What if…

  • You end up having an inspirational conversation with someone? (inspiration is priceless right now!)
  • You share a tip or piece of advice that helps someone and makes their project, life, career easier. They’ll remember that and remember the impact you had.
  • You send some positive greetings and you feel good and it gives you the energy to do something else important in your business?
  • What if you just happened to show up in their inbox in the right timing and they need what you have and are ready?
  • What if you get into a conversation about what they are dealing with and it turns out you have the perfect solution and they didn’t even know you offered that?

It’s a simple marketing action you can take each day.

Reach out using email, Linked In messaging, facebook messaging, phone call or text messaging – whichever method works for both of you. When in doubt, do what’s easy, It’s better to reach out then stress about getting it perfect!

Remember, what you do today plants seeds in your business to bloom in 30, 60 & 90 days and even 6 months and 1 year.

What my amazing clients are up to!

I have a not-so-secret dream – all the men in the world could take Ken Mossman’s IAM (Integrated Adult Man) program. Ken is a long time friend, colleague and client who is an amazing coach, leader, writer and podcast host.

He is passionate about helping men understand their role in this changing and awakening world, embrace their courage and curiosity and rediscover their creativity. His next cohort starts this month – it might be perfect for you or the man in your life!

(And the early bird deadline is Tuesday, March 4)

Check It Out Here!

Join me in the Joyful Business Studio

This is a soulful community of change maker business owners who want soul-nourishing ways to grow their business. That’s what we focus on each month!

In this wonder-filled, creative (and oh-so-affordable) membership program you’ll receive:

  • Connection to an A-mazing community (think: friendships, support, collaborations),
  • Monthly Workshop on marketing/money/money/mojo
  • Monthly Liberation & Inspiration Call.

If you are tired of the “hustle-grind-formula-launch-launch-launch pressure model” then you’ll love this elixir of business smarts + creativity + joy + spirituality + integrity + realness!

When you join us now –you can get in on the next monthly workshop: – “Attracting Your Soul Tribe – Who’s in your Soul Tribe and how to attract and nurture your Tribe to spread your ideas and impact.”

Check it out and join us for the next workshop: Joyful Business Studio

I hope to see you in the Studio!

Opportunities to Create & Grow with Laura


Monday, March
Special Bonus: Energy JAM workshop.
Heart of Coaching participants only.

Tuesday, March 2
Connect & Create video series with Corrina Sephora
I’ll be a guest on Corrina’s Video Show where I’ll be talking about creativity in business. Add it to your calendar to join me live!

Wednesday, March 3
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop
“Attracting Your Soul Tribe – Who’s in your Soul Tribe and how to attract and nurture your Tribe to spread your ideas and impact” workshop. Want to shift from soul-crushing marketing to soul-nurturing marketing? Join this amazing community in the Studio monthly membership here.

Thursday, March 4.
“Card Deck Training” Free Webinar
You know I’m a huge fan of card decks! I use them all the time in my coaching sessions and for client retreats! Join me with Rosie Battista, the Card Deck Queen, as she share how a card deck can help you share your message, get results with clients and add a lucrative income stream to your business.

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March 12-14, March 19-21
Florida Creativity Conference

I’m presenting for a 3rd time at this conference – this time virtually! I’ll be talking about “Discover your Creative Passion Project.” There’s all types of sessions to help you learn how to access your creativity, stretch your imagination and use creative in solving problems. Conference details here.

March 15-19
Next Level Secrets for a 6 Figure Business Summit

with Stephanie Treasure I’m a guest on Stephanie’s summit this month along with 21 Influencers sharing strategies and mindset for doing business at a higher level and making a bigger impact. I’ll be talking about “Attracting your Soul Tribe and the Conscious Marketing Approach.” Details for free summit here.

Wednesday, March 17
Joyful Business Studio – Liberation & Inspiration Monthly Call
Boost Your Inspiration, Creativity and Take Inspired Action + Group Coaching
Want to shift your energy, boost your creativity, get unstuck and grow your business the Joyful Business way? Only available through the Studio monthly membership here. A highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership.

March 22 – 26
Keep On Going! Marketing, Money and Mojo Summit with Marie Fratoni
I’ll be talking about Discovering your Soul Voice and Unlocking Your Power Within. More details coming soon!

Friday, March 26
Get It Done Day! Virtual Retreat
Get Stuff done that matters – together!
Only available through the Studio monthly membership hereA highly affordable, creativity + practical monthly membership. You can join us!


Creating from Flow
This is a special six month program where you’ll create a Passion Project while cultivating Flow in your life and business. Group coaching, Sangha Circle masterminds, Soul Work Happy Hours, Flow Immersions and more!

Doors opening soon for the 2nd Creating from Flow program. Watch for details.


Coach and Profit Gift Giveaway
Details coming soon! I’m creating something wonderful for you and your business for this giveaway!

PS: I want to share this Client Love I received from one of my dear clients, Christina Boyd-Smith of Corporate Rebel.

“I came to my coaching relationship with Laura as a skeptic. After years with other business coaches, I was bruised and disgusted by the competitive, more-more-more! energy of business development coaching (even as those methods brought me “success”). I was willing to give Laura a try because we have known each other in other contexts, but inside I believed that business coaches are all the same. I was wrong.

Laura is different – creative, intuitive, and spiritual combined with business chops.

As a result of working with Laura, I have an organic relationship with my coaching business. I know what feels aligned with my purpose, values and style, and what doesn’t. I’ve learned to tap into magic and flow in a way that enables me to do the work I love while also structuring a lifestyle I love. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura and will use my toolbox of wisdom for many years to come. If you want to feel aligned and excited about your business while also building “success” by many definitions, Laura is the coach for you.

we’re sitting in the car in the rain…

My son, Nick and I met up a few weeks ago. I was staying with friends near Atlanta and we wanted to get together to take a hike but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

We met at Biscuits & More (it’s a southern thing, vegans – don’t ask). We didn’t want to sit inside since it was a bit crowed so we got our biscuits to go and sat in the car together in the parking lot.

The rain was pinging lightly on the roof and made for a cozy intimate atmosphere. We got into a deep conversation about how he was doing after graduating from college and then getting laid off in a corporate layoff from a company where he thought he had a future as an engineer. Throw in a little roommate discontent and it was a rich adulting kind of conversation.

Then he asked me if I brought the cards? Yes, of course, I did. We have created as a part of our connection a ritual of pulling a card from a card deck when we get together. I had my new Destiny cards and was ready!.

He pulled a card: fog. Of course, it was the perfect card for this rainy day and also for where he was in his life path. He was holding onto the dream of a bright future and yet, the path was pretty foggy.

It opened up the conversation into an even deeper sharing and validating his thoughts and inner wisdom.

It’s so heart-moving to let the card be an invitation to help him open up to his wisdom and express his thoughts. And for me too, to share things with Nick that I haven’t before. We were moving past the mom-son relationship and into relating to each as adults and humans.

Yes, the fog moved and he has clearer skies with a new job, new apartment and has moved out of state! Now we facetime and still bring in a card every now and then. It’s sweet. It’s heart expansive. It more real and authentic.

That my friends, is the power of Oracle cards.

I’m such a huge fan of card decks of all types to foster creativity, expansive thoughts and deeper connections and conversations.

PLUS, it’s a great way to get your signature work into the world and reinforce your brand.

That’s why I am hosting the Queen of Card Decks, Rosie Battista, in a webinar this Thursday to tell us all about card decks!

Check out the details for next week’s webinar here!

Let’s get your creativity and business smarts flowing together!