Gratitude Riot!


Gratitude RiotI wanted to give you a message today to remind you that the most powerful thing you can do to shift your energy and align your cells with what you want more of… is to have gratitude!

I love to take a few minutes at the end of the week on Friday and do a Gratitude Riot!

It’s fun. It’s easy.

There’s no wrong way to do it.

Get out your journal or a piece of paper or just think it!

Let the words and visuals flow over you for what you are happy for in your life and your business.

Here are some questions to prime your Gratitude Riot list:


Heart of Coaching Giveaway ENDING – Did You Get your Free Gifts?


Heart of CoachingHappy Monday!

Here’s a great way to start the week – get a jumpstart with some new coaching tools for your business or to use with your clients!

Tomorrow is the last chance to take advantage of the Heart of Coaching Giveaway.

This giveaway really has some great tools from experts in the coaching industry. It’s exactly what you need to rev up your coaching business. I’ve even downloaded a couple of them myself.

Not only do you get tips, tools, templates, scripts, how to’s, resources and science, you also get inspiration, refueling and incredible processes to use with clients. Plus, you’ll get my Creative Vision to Action Kit – I just had a client tell me last week that she got such clarity on the future self visualization! You won’t want to miss it!

And because we are so excited about all the gifts you can also join a bonus 30 day facebook challenge to help you use your tools and launch your new learning! I’ll be there! Come join me!

So – last reminder… go here to get your free gifts.

Cheers to a beautiful business in 2017!

I Keep Hearing How Much You Are Loving These Unique Gifts!


Heart of CoachingFrom time to time I will participate in a group promotion along with others who are experts in their fields.

Yes, it’s a way for all of us to build our lists. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that! It’s actually pretty smart marketing.

What goes wrong is when it’s a bunch of random experts from different areas or there are a 100 of free gifts and the gifts aren’t valuable. So what started as a good idea ends up being junk!

Here’s the thing about me… I’m really picky about who I collaborate with!

I know that you get a lot of stuff (and much of it is junk) in your inbox so I make sure that when I partner up with someone that I know it’s high quality and valuable.

That’s why I am a partner in the Heart of Coaching giveaway. It’s a small group of industry leaders – hand selected because they are truly leaders in the coaching industry.

And… the gifts in this giveaway are a bit different. There’s tools for your personal development, to use with your clients, exercises for use with teams and a few creative approaches to marketing success (like my gift!)

Here are just a few the gifts we have for you…