Have You Played Oprah’s Thank You Game Today?

I love the power of gratitude!  Oprah has taken it to a new fun and powerful level! Oprah's thank you game

She has set a goal to reach 1/2 billion people in the U.S. (to start) to say Thank You to someone in their life. (Hey, if the lotto can get to 1/2 billion, surely, Oprah can too!)

On Oprah's website she shares how to simply say Thank You and how to speak your gratitude from your heart.  Not only does this make you feel all yummy and good inside…but you'll smile and share that goodness with at least 6 other people around you.

And the person you thanked…will feel a good inside and share their good vibes with 6 others…and so on..and so on!  

Your one simple Thank You could shift over 250 people's lives.   Talk about Pay It Forward!

THIS is what the power of consciously immersing yourself in sharing your joy is all about….shifting your energy, touching other's lives and creating a positive ripple that truly changes the world!

Have fun with it!



Center for Joyful Business

Coming to Atlanta… What is a Passion Project and how it will totally shift your business!

I know your business is fueled by your passion.

Fueled by…

The BIG LOVE for the work you do…

The HUGE DESIRE to change people's lives…

The HUNGER to share your gifts and be seen…

The BIGGER IMPACT you crave by touching more people's lives!

The biggest frustration I see is how to make that BIG WAVE of PASSION tangible. I mean… what do you do on a daily basis to make that passion real?

That's where The Passion Project comes into play in your business.

Imagine selecting ONE project to funnel that passionate message into… what would be different in your business?

Imagine having one project that will help put you on the map in your market!

You will finally stand apart. Be noticed. Be talked about.

But where do you start? Which project is the RIGHT project?

I want to help YOU find YOUR Passion Project at my Ignite Your Joyful Business workshop taking place in Atlanta on Friday, April 27.

The workshop is a new Passion Project for me.

Talk about affordable local Atlanta area meetings! If you're in the area, you won't want to miss this!

I'll help you get connected to your passion. Then, we'll discover your Passion Project… the vehicle/structure/project that is going to make that passion real. And you'll have an opportunity to connect and network with other like-minded women entrepreneurs who are discovering their Passion Projects, too .

Want to read more about ideas for Passion Projects and how to sign up? (Don't miss your coupon savings below!)

You can have all the passion in the world, but until you do something bold and creative with that passion, the people who need and want someone like you will never know you are there! (Oh, sad, sad story! We don't want that!)

If you're in the Atlanta area or want to be (it's not too hot down here yet!), you don't want to miss this amazingly affordable, fun, creative, and… yes, passionate workshop.

Date: Friday, April 27th
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Location: The Workspot – Downtown Duluth

It's only $40 for the workshop, and if you sign up by Tuesday, April 17, you can save $15 off the already waaaaay-low price. Just use coupon PASSION to immediately get your $15 discount.


Find out more about how to get started on your Passion Project and sign up.


Let's find where your sweet spot of passion is and bring it out into the world!