One of My Favorite Things! Heart of Coaching Giveaway


Heart of Coaching GiveawayThis is one of my truly favorite things! The Heart of Coaching Giveaway event starts today!

This is something special.

It’s especially for coaches, healers, facilitators, change makers… people like you who are in the business of helping others take leaps, develop powerful skills, claim their gifts, step into courage, become more resilient, experience greater success, live on purpose and honor core values – because of you! WOW – that creates ripples!

And you know how passionate I am about helping you to create Big Ripples!

A whole group of us have come together to share some amazing gifts with YOU to help you continue to do the amazing work you do.

You can go get your special gifts for coaches now! or keep reading…

Garry Schleifer of choice Magazine and Marcy Nelson-Garrison from the Coaching Toys Store have hand-selected an amazing group of industry leaders to bring their best content, wisdom and expertise to celebrate and support your great work.

I am honored and excited to be a part of The Heart of Coaching Giveaway and I’m blown away by the generosity of the people in this group. I participated last year and there were several things that I still use to this day!

They wouldn’t let us offer just something we had in our closet of free gifts. We all created something unique, special and something that we know will be super helpful for you.

These gifts will:

  • Deepen your work with clients and introduce you to new processes.
  • Nurture your business growth and help you reach more people.
  • Fill your own well so you can continue to do great work!

I’m doubly excited as I’ve created something that I am really thrilled to share: 5 Creative Coaching Tools – you can use them with your clients to easily create client breakthrough magic!

You’re not going to want to miss my new tools! (I’m really proud of them!)

PLUS… this is really just amazing… you can also register to WIN : A FULL Summit Pass to the 2018 WBECS Summit, a C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence) Enhanced Membership (including certification), a $100 gift certificate for the Coaching Toys Store and a 3 year digital subscription to choice, the magazine of professional coaching.

Personally, as a leader in the coaching industry… let’s see, I have participated twice in the WBECS Summit, I’m a Enhanced Conversational coach, I have a subscription to Choice magazine AND I’m listed in the Coaching Toys store. I just can’t endorse these valuable giveaways any more than that!

Go get your gifts now including my new Creative Coaching Tools to help you create Client Breakthrough Magic!

Celebrating the amazing work you do!

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Week! I so love coaches and the powerful work we do! And so does everyone who is a part of this giveaway… make sure you don’t miss out on the really good stuff with your gifts!

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