[Video] Where Has Everyone Gone on Facebook & Why Should You Care?


Have you noticed how quiet it’s been on Facebook lately?

Very quiet indeed.

There’s not as much posts, comments and interaction. I believe everyone has finally had enough of the negativity around the US election and news media and many people are taking a news hiatus or at least cutting down on their involvement and exposure.

So – if you connect with your clients and community on Facebook what should you do? Watch this video while I share why this is so important and what can you do!


Does your Creative Spirit Need CPR?


I just wanted to check in with you today and see how you are doing?

How are you managing with this fast paced year? Can you believe it’s almost November? I can’t. I feel like I blinked and months passed.

Laura_West_Retreat_October_2015Last week I led my Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. It was truly magical. 

Each woman there got the exact message, clarity and yes, transformation that she needed to move forward in her business and life in a more powerful, grounded, bigger and authentic way.

Here’s a picture of us on the last day…can you just see us glowing?

After the retreat I was reflecting on how every woman attending made herself a priority. She dared to say, “I am important. My creative spirit needs tending and I matter.”

Taking down time. Time to rejuvenate yourself and your business.

Flies in the face of business as usual and society’s pressure to just just keep on keeping on.

But it’s so worth is.

Watch this video where I ask you… (more…)