[Video] Start Your Week Off With a Plan!


I wanted to share my recent Facebook Live video tip with you.

I recorded it from my Creative Café Time. It’s been so lovely here in Atlanta that I wanted to get some outdoor café time. One of my favorite things to do… and one of my best success habits… is getting out of my office and going to a café to work on my business.

I read something inspirational and journal and then the ideas and clarity start popping!

I also create a plan for the week and the day… watch this short video to see what I do…

I hope this inspires you to create your own Creative Café Time and plan your week and your day!

[Video] What are Your Morning Rituals?


How do you start off your morning?

What you do in the morning matters!

It can set the tone, energy and attitude for the entire day. It can line you up feeling positive, confident and able to go with the flow of things (even if the flow isn’t going the direction you wanted.)

Watch this short video message and get some ideas for your own morning ritual!

I hope you en-joy!

PS: If you really want to reinforce morning rituals, consider coming to the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. We’ll practice some beautiful rituals to set our intentional energy and activate the creative alchemy. You can find more details here: http://www.joyfulbusiness.com/retreatbythesea. Contact me if you want to talk further about the retreat. Just a few spots left!

[Video] It’s time…


I just wanted to share a quick note with you about the videos I’m doing on Facebook Live.

As you’ll hear in the video, I’ve been doing lots of healing, marinating and incubating over the last couple of years. It’s been a deep rich rollercoaster ride! That happens when you have huge personal shifts… and it can’t help but to impact your business as well.

I’ve really slowed down in my business to focus on getting clear about what it is that I really want. Asking myself… What wants to emerge next?

I’m starting to share it in this video.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired too!

To your creative success!