Shift Your Perception of Millennials – The Next Wave of Leaders


the_next_wave_of_35_and_underShift your stereotype of millennials and be wow’d by their dedication, creativity and leadership and commitment to creating solutions to today’s (and the future’s) problems.

Check out these top 10 professionals who are creating the next wave of innovative healthcare solutions! Very creative ideas for transforming common problems and issues.

Inspiring stories including Josh Bruno who is CEO of a company creating software to help those baby boomers who want to live independently and not go into a nursing home. Their software helps families managing finding and matching caregivers, managing prescriptions, tracking medication and diet – for the whole family. So helpful when trying to manage from far away.

It’s our job to nurture their leadership and success skills – they are creating solutions for our futures!

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Want to spend a day with me creating your Passion Platform?


Passion Platform VIP Day - shore  sky

I want to share with you a special invitation to join me for a private, all-day Passion Platform VIP Day.

This is a special opportunity to focus – for an entire day – on getting clear on how you can step into more visibility, with a stronger message and more compelling brand. (I call that stronger message and compelling brand a Passion Platform.)

Imagine what’s possible when we meet together for a full day to focus on your Passion Platform.

Your Passion Platform is what sets you apart, what makes you compelling and engaging to the perfect clients, and includes the marketing plans to make it easy, impactful, and profitable!

I know I often wish I had someone who could take a look into my business and point out where the opportunities are hidden. Pointing out what I need to do to genuinely claim my unique brilliance – where it might be slightly off and just not being heard through the crowd.

Well, I’m going to do that for you!

During your day-long VIP Creative Business Retreat, we’ll focus on getting clarity and creating your Passion Platform.

We’ll dive in to your Personal Brand Essence, that sweet combination of your unique talents, experience, and personality.

Together we’ll clarify your Magnetic Specialty Niche… this is especially important when you have programs and products for beginners, seasoned, and high-end clients. You’ll be able to speak their language and enroll them with more ease and success.

We’ll look over your Marketing and Sales Hourglass (like a funnel, only with more flow) and identify where your opportunities are AND what’s blocking and getting in the way of your getting more clients into your programs or selling more products.

We’ll use my Passion Platform Power Center Model to see where your opportunities are to claim your platform for more visibility, engagement, and leadership… and ultimately more success!

Don’t get overwhelmed… I’ll guide you along the way so it’s easy, fun and very powerful!

This is a special opportunity with only two spots available where you and I get to meet on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in my favorite beach house in Virginia Beach.

I’m going to be there doing my own creative planning during the week of April 27th… wouldn’t you like to join me for your own focused retreat day?

We’ll take a whole day and focus on just you and your business!

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for? Let’s talk!

If you are interested in one of these two VIP Passion Platform days, then email me right away (they will probably go fast!), and let’s set up a time to talk about the details and answer any questions you might have!

I’m excited about helping you get clear and step in and own your Passion Platform!

[Miracle Marketing Message] Do you know your Magnetic Specialty Niche?



Listen to: Do you know your Magnetic Specialty Niche?



Are you crystal clear about your Magnetic Specialty Niche?

Your Magnetic Specialty Niche is the trifecta intersection of

  1. the brilliance that you offer in the form of your personal brand
  2. your most ideal clients and what they are looking for
  3. your expertise and solutions.

Your marketing works better, that is, it’s more effective in attracting clients to you, when you create marketing campaigns and write creative content focusing on this sweet spot of your Magnetic Specialty Niche.

Let’s face it: you have limited time, money, and energy. When you focus your marketing efforts, you get focused results. More clients! More opportunities to speak and joint venture!

When you scatter your energy and focus on all types of clients with all sorts of problems, then you get scattered results. A client here and there, but not a consistent influx of clients or revenue that you can count on.

That is very frustrating!

If you are in a competitive and saturated marketplace, even being a little bit off on your message and your niche can throw off your success.

Some signs you aren’t as clear as you could be:

  • People love you and love your message, but they don’t buy! (Very confusing, isn’t it?)
  • Sounds of crickets when you send out an email campaign (Exhausting!)
  • You are bored, and you are just doing the same thing you’ve been doing in the past and you’re wondering why it’s not working (Time to wake up!)

Often it’s a matter of shoring up or getting clear about one of the three areas that make up your Magnetic Specialty Niche.

This week take some time to get even clearer about your Magnetic Specialty Niche. Go through those questions and see what is true for you. What changes can you make in your marketing to tighten up your message and more clearly speak to your ideal clients?

I will say it helps to have a coach you can talk through it with. I know it’s hard for me to see where things are broken in my own business. I feel the pain so I know something is off, but I can’t always see how to fix it. That’s when I know it’s time to get an experienced coach!

Enjoy your homework and let me know if I can help you get clearer so you can focus that energy and see the results!


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