Shift Your Perception of Millennials – The Next Wave of Leaders


the_next_wave_of_35_and_underShift your stereotype of millennials and be wow’d by their dedication, creativity and leadership and commitment to creating solutions to today’s (and the future’s) problems.

Check out these top 10 professionals who are creating the next wave of innovative healthcare solutions! Very creative ideas for transforming common problems and issues.

Inspiring stories including Josh Bruno who is CEO of a company creating software to help those baby boomers who want to live independently and not go into a nursing home. Their software helps families managing finding and matching caregivers, managing prescriptions, tracking medication and diet – for the whole family. So helpful when trying to manage from far away.

It’s our job to nurture their leadership and success skills – they are creating solutions for our futures!

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Passion Project Idea: Good Feeling Chip Card Reader Alarms


Chip card reader

You know that sound at the checkout counter when you finish paying with your new chip card, that sound when the transaction is complete that makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong? You hurriedly grab the card just to stop the annoying sound.

What if…it made a sound like fireworks, birds chirping, or kids cheering you on? What if it made you smile?

Then I bet everyone would smile in return! How radical!

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Come join us – 30-Day Passion Project Program is open!


Woohoo!!! The doors are open, and we are ready for the next 30-Day Passion Project!

Are YOU?

I know as a creative type, I “suffer” from so many ideas and so much passion that it’s really easy for me to fritter away my time and energy on a lot of smaller actions… a little of this and a little of that.

Those actions that keep me busy but don’t make a huge difference in my Creative Thought Leadership and certainly won’t jump my income… and, honestly, it’s fun, but not fulfilling.

“Scattered Energy = Scattered Results”

“Focused Energy = Focused Results”

I see it with my clients all the time. Can you relate, too? (more…)