Learn How to Get Clients Everywhere


When you peel back all the marketing, visibility, and ideas for your business – the biggest challenge you face is to get new clients. Right?

Well, my dear friend and colleague, Marie Fratoni, of Get Clients Everywhere is really amazing at this! In fact, she is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs get more clients that she is hosting The Get Clients Everywhere Telesummit!

I love that this telesummit is super focused on one thing – helping you get more clients.

And Marie, has hand picked the best of the best to help you do just that.


[Video] Where Has Everyone Gone on Facebook & Why Should You Care?


Have you noticed how quiet it’s been on Facebook lately?

Very quiet indeed.

There’s not as much posts, comments and interaction. I believe everyone has finally had enough of the negativity around the US election and news media and many people are taking a news hiatus or at least cutting down on their involvement and exposure.

So – if you connect with your clients and community on Facebook what should you do? Watch this video while I share why this is so important and what can you do!


Today’s Energy Infusion: Time to Work ON Your Biz!


Mindset and Leadership QuoteToday’s Energy Infusion: Time to Work ON Your Biz! It’s 4th quarter have you scheduled some time to work on a plan for your business growth for the last push for the year? AND it’s a good time to schedule time to strategize about 2017. It’ll all be here before you know it. You need time to think bigger & outside of the box do you’ll stand out. If you don’t nothing will change. When are you going to plan to work ON your biz?


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