Learn How to Network from my Friend Marie


I’ve got a great recommendation for you for January!

My friend and colleague Marie Fratoni, CEO of Get Clients Everywhere is leading a 30-day networking challenge.

Here’s why I highly recommend this… Marie is a Master Networker, The Queen of Connecting, and the World’s Best Networking Coach! She is also the Founder and Leader of the Women’s Professional Development Network in Atlanta and she knows her stuff!

In Atlanta we all have a running joke – everyone in Marie’s network calls themselves #friendsofMarie.

Marie has been teaching the principles of building a solid professional network for many years, and she is launching her highly-popular program “Networking Savvy: 30 Days to Connect and Grow” on Friday, January 5, 2018.

In this short and impactful program, you will benefit by a practical structure that will sharpen your networking skills and help you use the power of connecting to grow your business.

Stop driving endless miles to meet people! Save time and money on your networking efforts. Convert contacts to fans, and move them to prospects and potentially clients, just by using Marie’s proven & fun methods.

==> Go here to see full details and register!

I hope it helps you get your year off to a super successful start!

Have You Always Wanted to Create Your Own Card Deck?


Wouldn’t it be cool to create a card deck for your clients?

One they could use daily for inspiration, motivation, instruction or guidance?

I created one a few years ago called the JoyShift cards. I still use those cards with my clients, at retreats and even as a fun way to network.

Card decks are a great way to share your wisdom and have an impact. Not only does drawing a card provide a cool experience, it offers a way for the user (your client) to get just the right content at just the right time in small easy to receive nuggets – the opposite of overwhelm! And they are fun to use.

If you have always wanted to have your own card deck… well, know you can stop dreaming about it and actually create one!

You need to meet my colleague and a dear friend, Marcy Nelson-Garrison. She is a product mentor and she knows how to make your card deck idea happen. She’s sharing how to create your own deck in a 4 part training called The Card Deck Class.


A Dose of My Own Medicine!


Wisdom cardI’m down in Sarasota, Florida attending and presenting at the Florida Creativity Weekend. I’ll be leading two workshops this weekend. One is on Doodling for Business and the second one is Practical Creativity for Business.

This week I was working on my workshop designs. For the Practical Creativity workshop I’ll be talking about how creativity shows up in business, what blocks our creativity and why we need to purposely cultivate an environment of creative thinking.

One of the exercises I’m taking everyone through is about the power of shifting your perspective. Specifically, getting insights from unlikely places and applying them to an everyday situation.

I created over 50 Wisdom Cards for this one exercise. Wisdom Cards are 5 x 7 cards you make with big interesting photos on them. I find the most amazing photos from National Geographic (don’t tell my Dad that I cut them up! He’ll have a heart attack!), Architectural Digest and Fast Company… and of course, O magazine.

I wanted to share my Wisdom Cards with the members of a program I’m in. They were asking all sorts of questions so I posted a picture of one card and asked them to think about a problem or opportunity. Then look at the picture and see how it makes you feel or what thoughts or ideas come up. How can you apply the feelings, thoughts or ideas to your situation?

Well, earlier I had just posted to this group how frustrated I was feeling about my marketing. I am feeling uninspired and like I’m walking through mud sometimes. (Yes, we all go through periods of this – even a creative marketing coach!) I love my coaching but the marketing was feeling hard and quite frankly, irritating.

So, I’m looking at the photo of the Wisdom Card I chose for the group.