Take this off your Vision Board and join us!




I have heard from so many of you that you have the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea on your Vision Board, or maybe it’s on your Bucket List.

Isn’t it time to take it off your Vision Board and just say YES?

YES to rejuvenating your business

YES to rejuvenating YOU

YES to individualized focus on where you want to take your business and how to get there

YES to attending a retreat that is nurturing to your soul and your business’s soul

YES to stepping into your Creative Thought Leadership in your community and your niche

YES to giving yourself the gift of a community of like committed and wise women who can support your success and vision 

YES to an amazing experience on the oceanfront, with walks on the beach, time for journaling and interesting conversation, healthy delightful food, and experiential play that will shift your clarity, courage, creativity, and confidence!

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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016!

It’s feels good to have some fresh start energy with a new calendar and fresh new plans!

I took a combination of rest, rejuvenation, planning and connection during the holidays. Last week I went up to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit some friends and see the town. It’s so fun to shake things up and go somewhere new and see some dear friends. 

Speaking of shaking things up and planning…have you finished planning for 2016?

Did you say YES?

Or, did you roll your eyes and look away? Well, if you aren’t sure where to start or are looking for a way to make planning creative, fun and practical then check out my next Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat. It’s coming up next week! (see details here!)