Ok, Really… I Have 1 Spot Left for YOU at My Retreat!


Sometimes you have to just laugh!

Last week I thought I only had 1 spot left in my upcoming Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. Apparently, I did my retreat math wrong and even though we had a wonderful woman join us last week – I recalculated the rooms in the beach house and… well, I must have counted myself twice in there somewhere.

So, as of this week, we have only 1 spot left at the upcoming retreat! I mean this for real.

Maybe this was the universe’s way of saying… “Oh wait, there’s still room for YOU!”

I know I have had this happen to me. When I was thinking about a program or an event that I wanted to go to but I procrastinated and then I realized it was full. I felt really disappointed! I was kicking myself, thinking I should have followed my intuitive urge to say yes. Then it’s as if magic happened… a friend got me in or I called and just asked and there was room for me! It felt like magic. Like I was supposed to be there!

If that’s you… here’s your magic email! Lol!

The retreat is a little more than two weeks away where we will be working with Creative Alchemy in your business. Where we will dive even more into the magic of energy, creativity and growing your business.

Are you feeling like the universe just gave you a 2nd chance?

Don’t ignore your intuition. Let’s talk!

Send me an email and we’ll find a time to talk if this retreat keeps calling you!

[Retreat by-the-Sea] Only One Spot Left – Is It Yours?


So, it’s time for an honest conversation about the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea and YOU.

I keep hearing from many of you… ONE DAY… With a wishful lull in your voice.

ONE DAY I’ll come to your retreat, Laura.

Here’s the truth. You’re probably never going to come to the retreat.

It’s a bit of tough love.

Because this is how it works. You are writing your future right now.

If you keep holding your vision off in front of you and never bringing it into your life right now…

Well, then, it’ll always be out there in front of you.

You have to take actions today to create your future tomorrow.

I know this in my own life and business. After my divorce and going through my healing process, I caught myself saying… some day I’ll travel more. ONE DAY, I’ll get to the beach more often.

It was almost like I was purposely holding that vision far away as though I didn’t deserve it yet. Or that something else had to happen for me to give myself permission to travel to the beach more often.

I can remember a powerful moment when I was filling up with gas in South Carolina, on my way to lead my retreat in Virginia Beach and I was thinking about being by the beach more. I felt that longing, wishful and painful energy in my body – that yearning for the dream.


Last Chance – Free Webinar – Radical Ideas for Radical Times


Radical Ideas for Radical TimesI hope you are enjoying your Monday! Here in the States we are celebrating Labor Day. My boss let me have the day off but I couldn’t resist reminding you about tomorrow’s powerful & creative webinar.

I’m going to share with you a buffet of creative ideas of trends, fascinations, needs, problems, and challenges that are going on in the world.

Along with ideas for how you can bring forth your expertise, talents, experience and wisdom to help with these ideas.

These turbulent, fast-paced, unsettling times are your wake-up call to say, “Now is my time to help!”

You’ll be inspired for sure!

And then I’ll share how you can incubate, launch, create your idea into a 30-Day Passion Project!

Here’s the link for the free webinar: Radical Ideas for Radical Times.

I am excited about the energy and creative ideas for tomorrow! I hope you’ll join us!