Join me! Virtual Pop Up Success Café on Friday!


You may have seen how I will have in person Pop Up Success Cafés around Atlanta, well, now I’m holding one virtually!

I’ve heard from many of you who have said you wished you could be there. Now you can!

This is an informal gathering on the super easy Zoom Video Conferencing line.

We will get a chance to know a little more about everyone at the gathering, I’ll bring in fun ritual, you’ll have some coaching opportunities (bring your questions!) and I’ll talk a bit about Creative Alchemy™ and my new emerging work.

So many times we meet on social media or quickly at conferences and we never have time to sink into a conversation and really get to know each other. That’s why I created this Pop Up Success Café, so we can slow down and have some rich, deep conversation that’s real.

I hope you’ll join us! (Oh, and it’s free!)

Here’s the link to sign up:

See you there!

Pictures Worth 1000 Words


Retreat collageThese pictures tell the story, don’t they?

You can imagine what is happening at this beautiful retreat.

Inspiration, Confidence, Alignment, Beauty, Abundance, Power, Strength, Connection.

Creative Women Business Owners knowing…

I’m clear.

I’m up to this next evolution of my business.

I matter.

I can do this.

It’s actually going to be fun and filled with grace and ease.

The universe is supporting my success!

My upcoming retreat isn’t about the same ‘old marketing stuff.

Having you been doing this entrepreneur thing for awhile and are desperately tired of the same ‘ole marketing strategies and *secrets*?

Do you have a KNOWING that there’s another way to grow your business?

One that is about energetic alignment and creating from the inside out.


Growing Your Business From the Inside Out


Everyone I talk to is in “transition” with their business.

There’s something new emerging. Or they are finally claiming that it’s their time to show up with their powerful message.

And they are frustrated because this type of growth work doesn’t happen in your average day in and around seeing clients, handling the administrivia of business, and living our lives.

What I know helps me is to get away. To go somewhere that’s all about YOU and getting clarity, opening your courage and finding the confidence to say say YES to what wants to emerge.

The trouble is that we try to tackle this with our left brain – let me figure it out and get into action.

In my 16 years of coaching… it’s never how it works when you are moving into something big. It’s an inside out process.

You have to know how to get clear, align your energy and your actions.

I call it Creative Alchemy.

This is what we will be doing in my upcoming Creative Retreat by-the-Sea.