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Big RipplesI would love to invite you to come play in the Big Ripples community in my new Facebook group!

It’s a community for coaches, changemakers and transformational leaders like you, who are committed to creating a positive impact in the world through their work and presence.

As the world has shifted into chaos and upheaval and old structures have started falling apart, I have asked myself what is my role. How can I help?

I asked myself should I get more involved with “being the change”? I went to Washington DC in January to Marianne Williamson’s event, Sister Giant. I heard all sorts of activists, politicians, media leaders, religious leaders talk about what’s needed today.

The throughline message was to start in your backyard. Start with your passion. Big change actually starts quite organically – from within and then radiates outward.

So, yeah, I realized my mission. Actually it was more like I finally owned it. It’s been there all along waiting for me to embrace it and step into in a bigger way.

To help coaches be more successful. To create more change and impact together than they could alone. To create a sustainable business that supports changemakers like you – financially and values-wise while helping you create positive ripples in the world with your work.

My big ripple… comes through helping you create big ripples.

In your own unique way.

So please join us over at the Big Ripple Community on Facebook and dare to be inspired, called forward and step into your success in a bigger way… because that means you’re reaching more people!

Here’s the link:

Let’s support each other in creating Big Ripples!

The World is Changing. Are Your Coaching Skills Adapting, Too?


As a heart-centered conscious entrepreneur, you’re probably already aware that the world is on the cusp of a major shift.

Despite the vast amount of information, the members of the human race now share, people feel more alone than ever. I know I’m feeling it.

Therefore, the need for emotional support and deeper understanding is unprecedented. In fact, I’ve been talking about this very thing… while this is not how we want evolution to take place, it does present an opportunity for us to help people on a great, bigger level.

To meet that need, coaching must evolve, as well.

The world is counting on you to be a part of that evolution, and I want to share with you a heartfelt opportunity to get ready for the shift: to ensure you’re prepared.

My friend Leza Danly, Founder of Lucid Living, is offering a complimentary video training series, The Evolution of Coaching for the Age of Illumination, and right now, you can watch the first video, The Age of Illumination: Your Time Is Now, by signing up here:

The World Needs You. Be Prepared. <<< Watch The Video Here

I have watched this video series and it so resonates with me and how I believe we are shifting and the reason there is a great need for us as coaches to shift our work.

Leza Danly, creator of the Age of Illumination, has been leading transformation workshops for 35 years, and training coaches for 22, which means she’s connected to coaching on an intuitive and practical level.

She says the paradigm shift we’re facing now—from competitiveness to oneness—requires transformational leaders, coaches, and healers to step into a whole new level of mastery. I know I am feeling it at a deep, deep level!

When you go to the link above and sign up to view her training video series, you’ll learn specific techniques for strengthening your coaching skills, so you can become part of a new paradigm of connection, co-creation, and oneness.

In The Age of Illumination: Your Time is Now, Leza shares 3 key skill sets you must develop in order to master the kind of emotional support your clients seek in today’s world.

In addition, you’ll discover how to hold the empowered presence they’ll expect from you as you guide them through true breakthroughs and create lasting change.

Leza also reveals a powerful tool you can use to get yourself and your clients beyond the stories that have become too small for you, and how to reconnect with your power to create.

Plus, as an added bonus, when you sign up to watch the first video, you’ll also receive a special report, “The Age of Illumination: How to Prepare for the Coming Demand for Coaches, Healers and Practitioners.”

If you aspire to make an even bigger difference in The Age of Illumination by developing skill mastery and diving deep into your coaching methods as you answer your heart’s calling, then now is the perfect time to further embrace the healing function of your work.

The first step: sign up to join my friend Leza for “Your Time is Now,” the first video in her complimentary video training series, The Evolution of Coaching for the Age of Illumination, here:

Deepen Your Skills <<< Sign Up Here, Today

I’ve taken classes from Lucid Living before and actually, am enrolled in a big program in the fall, and I tell you, I always learn something new. Her teachings are cutting edge, and infused with her passion for real transformation.

Get ready; you’re about to learn how to ensure each of your coaching sessions is a sacred adventure and a jewel of magic!

To your transformation,

P.S. If you’re reading this, chances are you already coach at a deeper level than most. You likely understand the necessity for the evolution of your skills, as the world undergoes this massive shift from the Age of Information to the Age of Illumination. Now, it’s time to prepare yourself to become the beacon of light your clients need you to be.

You can get started here, with Leza, at no cost:

Your Time Is Now <<< Join The Evolution: Sign Up Here