I Know You Want To…


I have heard from a lot of you how you love card decks and how excited you are about possibly creating your own deck.

Just in case you are still noodling on whether to create a card deck based product, or not… my friend and colleague Marcy (and card deck creation goddess!) sent me a couple of examples of what’s possible.

The first example is Denise Linn. She created a deck called Soul Coaching Oracle Cards. She is actually a Hay House author. I know… before you say, “Well of course her deck is successful” … let me tell you what’s really interesting about her deck.

It is true she had written several books prior to her card deck but it wasn’t UNTIL the card deck that something really exciting emerged. She began training people to do soul coaching oracle readings for their clients, that led to certifying people in her soul coaching method, that led to the Soul Coaching International Institute and that led to training other trainers to certify coaches in her method. Her card deck was the platform for all of this – not her books.

That is the amazing possibility that is open to you when you create a cool, hot, card deck.


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Card Deck FutureI see a card deck in your future… Really!

Here’s the bonus news… you don’t have to wait to figure out how to create your own card deck!

My dear friend, Marcy Nelson Garrison, is leading a webinar today where you’ll learn how to WOW your clients AND Rock your bottom line with your own best-selling card deck!

Here are the details for the webinar: The 3 things you MUST avoid if you want to have a BEST SELLING Card Deck

I know you’ll be inspired and want to finally create your own!


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Card deck ebookAre you a little obsessed with card decks? I know I am!

I love using them with my clients, at retreats and as conversation openers at networking events. They are so fun and are perfect for sparking a new depth of conversation and wisdom.

And guess what? No matter what niche you’re in…

…offering card deck-based products is THE hottest trend.

You’ve probably bought different types for yourself:

  • Motivational card decks
  • Training card decks
  • Spiritual card decks
  • Conversation starter card decks

(And in case you haven’t noticed, every Hay House author also has a card deck!)