Yes You Can! A Success Story


strengths-blogI just got off a call this morning with a lovely client who is a Marketing Manager for successful entrepreneurs. She was a little down as she felt like she hadn’t accomplished very much since our last call.

When she checked in – I was amazed! She’s raised her prices and got 2 new IDEAL clients at the new rate.

A month ago she wasn’t feeling confident about raising her prices. Now it’s totally a done deal.

Part of the benefit of working with a coach is that you stretch beyond your comfort zone until the new paradigm/idea becomes your current reality! It’s easier to do with a coach who champions you and your work! Celebration dance!

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7 Reasons You Want To Lead Retreats


One of the most common desires I hear from my clients is that they want to lead retreats.

Many of you want to lead retreats in beautiful locations – mountains, the ocean, on the lake, or you want to take a group to another country like Bali or Costa Rica or Italy!

I know the call of a retreat can be very dreamy and you might think that you’ll do it… someday…

Well, as a fan of retreats in beautiful locations I want to help make it a reality. Starting with 7 Reasons to Lead a Retreat and ending with an invitation for one of you (there’s only 1 spot left) to attend the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea for inspiration, coaching and training on leading retreats.


First, let me share with you…


Are You a Business Renegade?


At the last Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea in Virginia Beach, I sat one afternoon listening to these women’s stories and dreams… including the secret dreams that they were just starting to articulate perhaps for the first time… and I realized that we are all bucking the system.

We are tired of the boxes that have been created for women entrepreneurs, online marketers, moms, single women, married partners. We just can’t take it any longer!

Retreat by the Sea

I hear stories from women (and some wise men) sharing their deepest desires that are unique to her… they don’t look like what everyone else is doing. They want to do it THEIR way!

I hear stories from women who want to… (more…)