Yes You Can! A Success Story


strengths-blogI just got off a call this morning with a lovely client who is a Marketing Manager for successful entrepreneurs. She was a little down as she felt like she hadn’t accomplished very much since our last call.

When she checked in – I was amazed! She’s raised her prices and got 2 new IDEAL clients at the new rate.

A month ago she wasn’t feeling confident about raising her prices. Now it’s totally a done deal.

Part of the benefit of working with a coach is that you stretch beyond your comfort zone until the new paradigm/idea becomes your current reality! It’s easier to do with a coach who champions you and your work! Celebration dance!

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Results – Inside & Out!

I just finished up coaching for the week – I am so moved and inspired by my clients! They are up to amazing things inside and out! New programs, new books, big visions on the outside, and inside…Walking your Talk AND Talking your Walk, Letting your Gypsy Lead and trusting the Flowmentum is leading to more clients. These are just some of the themes and projects.

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Want to get a taste of coaching with me and what’s possible? I offer a complimentary Creative Visioning Strategy Session ….I hope you schedule yours soon!

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Wanna see my gratitude list?



I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and loving gratitude for having you in my community and my life. I am glad you are here.

I thought I would share my JoyFlow Sightings also known as my gratitude list with you today as we in the states celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Know that I appreciate all that you do, who you be and your big dreams that are just around the corner!

Love to you,