Let’s Bottle Up that Fun Friday Energy & Use It!


There is just something about Fridays!

I believe the energy in the world shifts on Fridays.

Everyone is looking forward to some down-time over the weekend. No matter how hard the week is, people tend to smile more. They bring in donuts to work. They usually have a little skip in their step!

It’s that joy energy…

That energy is available to you any time – all the time.

I know many of you cultivate that joy and passion energy throughout your whole week.

But I find something happens when you put your passion into your business. As passionate as I know you are about your business, it’s still easy to pulled down by that long “to-do” list.

What you need is a Passion Project!


Passion Projects – How to Create a LEAP in Your Business!


As a coach, consultant, changemaker or go-to-expert – I know your work matters.

Your work creates a difference in making other people’s lives or business (or both) better.

The sometimes tough part of marketing in your business is to get a potential client to take time out and commit to doing work with you that matters.

This same principle applies to your own business.

You need to create a project that matters.

Not just checking off your to-do list – that will always be an endless goal!

But finally taking the time to create projects that will help others and move your business forward.

This is why I created the 30-Day Passion Project™.


[Video] What are Your Morning Rituals?


How do you start off your morning?

What you do in the morning matters!

It can set the tone, energy and attitude for the entire day. It can line you up feeling positive, confident and able to go with the flow of things (even if the flow isn’t going the direction you wanted.)

Watch this short video message and get some ideas for your own morning ritual!

I hope you en-joy!

PS: If you really want to reinforce morning rituals, consider coming to the Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. We’ll practice some beautiful rituals to set our intentional energy and activate the creative alchemy. You can find more details here: http://www.joyfulbusiness.com/retreatbythesea. Contact me if you want to talk further about the retreat. Just a few spots left!