A Dose of My Own Medicine!


Wisdom cardI’m down in Sarasota, Florida attending and presenting at the Florida Creativity Weekend. I’ll be leading two workshops this weekend. One is on Doodling for Business and the second one is Practical Creativity for Business.

This week I was working on my workshop designs. For the Practical Creativity workshop I’ll be talking about how creativity shows up in business, what blocks our creativity and why we need to purposely cultivate an environment of creative thinking.

One of the exercises I’m taking everyone through is about the power of shifting your perspective. Specifically, getting insights from unlikely places and applying them to an everyday situation.

I created over 50 Wisdom Cards for this one exercise. Wisdom Cards are 5 x 7 cards you make with big interesting photos on them. I find the most amazing photos from National Geographic (don’t tell my Dad that I cut them up! He’ll have a heart attack!), Architectural Digest and Fast Company… and of course, O magazine.

I wanted to share my Wisdom Cards with the members of a program I’m in. They were asking all sorts of questions so I posted a picture of one card and asked them to think about a problem or opportunity. Then look at the picture and see how it makes you feel or what thoughts or ideas come up. How can you apply the feelings, thoughts or ideas to your situation?

Well, earlier I had just posted to this group how frustrated I was feeling about my marketing. I am feeling uninspired and like I’m walking through mud sometimes. (Yes, we all go through periods of this – even a creative marketing coach!) I love my coaching but the marketing was feeling hard and quite frankly, irritating.

So, I’m looking at the photo of the Wisdom Card I chose for the group.


Gratitude Riot!


Gratitude RiotI wanted to give you a message today to remind you that the most powerful thing you can do to shift your energy and align your cells with what you want more of… is to have gratitude!

I love to take a few minutes at the end of the week on Friday and do a Gratitude Riot!

It’s fun. It’s easy.

There’s no wrong way to do it.

Get out your journal or a piece of paper or just think it!

Let the words and visuals flow over you for what you are happy for in your life and your business.

Here are some questions to prime your Gratitude Riot list:


Heart of Coaching Giveaway ENDING – Did You Get your Free Gifts?


Heart of CoachingHappy Monday!

Here’s a great way to start the week – get a jumpstart with some new coaching tools for your business or to use with your clients!

Tomorrow is the last chance to take advantage of the Heart of Coaching Giveaway.

This giveaway really has some great tools from experts in the coaching industry. It’s exactly what you need to rev up your coaching business. I’ve even downloaded a couple of them myself.

Not only do you get tips, tools, templates, scripts, how to’s, resources and science, you also get inspiration, refueling and incredible processes to use with clients. Plus, you’ll get my Creative Vision to Action Kit – I just had a client tell me last week that she got such clarity on the future self visualization! You won’t want to miss it!

And because we are so excited about all the gifts you can also join a bonus 30 day facebook challenge to help you use your tools and launch your new learning! I’ll be there! Come join me!

So – last reminder… go here to get your free gifts.

Cheers to a beautiful business in 2017!