[Miracle Marketing Message] It’s Time to Plan Your Creative Business Retreat


Hello & Happy Monday!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying amazingly gorgeous weather!

I just got back from my second retreat with the Courageous Creativity in Business-by-the-Sea Mastermind. Wow! What a transformative retreat – Everyone took away aha’s, insights, and big shifts (and lots of little shifts too). Here’s a picture of us the last night of the retreat enjoying a yummy seafood dinner overlooking the sound side of Hatteras Island.

Do you take time away from the day-to-day of your business? I find getting out of the same old routine does wonders for new ideas, confidence in the future, and stirring the creative juices for approaching your business.

I hope you enjoy today’s Miracle Marketing message – now in print and audio form!


Audio_ipod_w-logoIt’s Time to Plan Your Creative Business Retreat

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

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It’s Time to Plan Your Creative Business Retreat

It’s time! It’s time to schedule time with yourself to work ON your business for the coming year. I like to start scheduling in time to think, noodle, marinate, mindmap, and plan out ideas for the next year starting about now.

Here’s the secret, though: you have to put it on your calendar now. Don’t just think about scheduling it. Then once you do… no juggling it around. This is important time for the success of your business.

If you don’t schedule it… well, we know how that works. It never really happens, and you end up waking up in mid-February wondering how it got to be mid-February and you haven’t planned a thing.

I do believe that spending time visioning, planning, pondering, and wondering about what-if’s and new approaches is one of the keys to growing your business in the new year.

Otherwise, you are just going to be reacting to whatever may come your way… or doesn’t come your way!

Infusing energy into ideas, identifying what you need to let go, what it’s time for you to embrace… these are important steps in moving your business forward.

This week, I want you to open up your calendar and plan your Creative Business Retreat time. It can be a few short afternoons or a long weekend. You can do it by yourself, with a few colleagues, or even in a Creative Planning Retreat on the beach! (My shameless invitation to join me!)

I’d love to hear how you are going to hold your Creative Planning Retreat Time. Send me an email or post on Facebook and let me know what it looks like for you to infuse the future of your business with creative energy!


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[Miracle Marketing Message] Hot New Marketing Trend – Podcasts!


I have been busy this week designing my upcoming retreat for the mastermind gals. We are meeting in the Outer Banks on Hatteras Island from all points around the globe: Japan, Chicago, Indianapolis, Wilmington… it is sure to be a creative, exciting, restorative, and transformative retreat! Here is a sneak peek at some of the goodies I share in the gift bags for my wonderfully amazing clients.

My teenage boys are amazed that I am off to the beach again. I pointed out that I am a smart business woman: planning events at the beach instead of in a dark, brown, boring hotel room. At the moment they think I’m brilliant! (Lol – you know how it can be with teenage boys!)

I am also using some time after the mastermind retreat for my own creative business planning time. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the 2015 Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea program. AND… many of you have requested a one-time retreat by the ocean (without the year long program). I will be putting together a Creative Retreat-by-the-Sea for 2 ½ days… most likely in Virginia Beach and most likely in January. If you’d like to be notified when I have all the details set (for either one of these programs), just email me and drop me a note.

Meanwhile, today I hope you enjoy listening to a short Miracle Marketing Message about one of the hottest new trends in marketing! Listen in to find out more!


Audio_ipod_w-logoHot New Marketing Trend – Podcasts

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: Hot New Marketing Trend – Podcasts


A Hot New Marketing Trend – Podcasts!

They are back & bigger than ever!

I wanted to talk with you a bit about the latest hot trend in marketing – podcasts. You might say, “Podcasts? I thought those were done.”

I tell you I thought that, too. I ran a podcast over 6-7 years ago, and then video swooped in and was the new “It” girl in marketing.

Well, there are intereesteing things happening in the podcast world that make it important for why you should pay attention. Specifically, three big things are happening…

1. The latest iPhones have the podcast app as a standard feature. You know, one of those features like the calendar, the music, photos – that you can’t get rid of! :) So podcasts will be readily available and visible to millions.

2. Many of the new 2015 cars are coming equipped with podcast options that will allow you to access podcasts, save the files, save your spot, resume where you left off.

3. Audio learning will be even more a way of life than it is now. We live in multi-tasking world and so we love to exercise, garden, drive while listening to audio. Podcasts will just be another audio option in our busy world.

I was first tuned into this thru my friend Ellen Britt, who has just launched her podcast PinkCoattails, and is even creating a women podcast network.

This is a big trend worth paying attention to.

What this means for you is two things…

You will have access to all sorts of free learning and experts through their podcasts.

You can easily start your own podcast to help position you as a Creative Inspirational Leader and be a part of this emerging interest and lifestyle trend. Iimagine people listening to your voice, your ideas, and expertise while driving in their car to work each day or waiting for soccer practice pickup.
And the great thing – it’s relatively easy to get it going.

This week, I want you to think about the idea of hosting a podcast. If you were to truly own your Creative Inspirational Leadership, what would your dream podcast be about?

And if you get really inspired, post your idea in the comments below and let me know your idea! I love to fan the flame of a great idea!


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The Secret to Marketing For Introverts

I have a confession. Do you know that I’m pretty much an introvert?  I used to be quite shy in my teens but I’ve gradually come out of that, but I’m still more introvert than extrovert.  Most people don’t know that about me.

Why?  Because they see me and my work all over the web, on social media and in photos at events.

Many people are surprised when they meet me that I’m not more “gregarious”, or initially a ball of energy because they see me on social media and I show up as pretty outgoing.  

Once you get to know me…I’m open and easy to talk to…it’s just making that initial connection…or breaking the ice, right?

What I’ve learned about introverts is that we need to go inside to replenish our energy whereas extroverts get energy from outside – being around people. So the idea of going to an event where I didn’t know anyone didn’t tap into my creative energy.

When I first started my business the thought of networking made me pretty nauseous – which is code for – I didn’t do it.  I just couldn’t go to events and start talking to people I didn’t know.  It was amazing how many family “emergencies” came up that kept me from going to an event like that (blush).

This was very confusing to me because I was a former VP of Marketing.  I knew marketing but it was totally different marketing myself.  It felt much more vulnerable and the risk of feeling ‘salesy’ was always haunting me.

What I know now is that to be successful in promoting yourself and your own business is you need to create marketing strategies that work with your strengths and natural tendencies.

What I’ve learned about marketing as an introvert is that we need a “structure” or what I call an “invitation” in order to share ourselves in the world.

What do I mean?

I mean – you need a cool, creative oversized biz card that you can’t wait to share with someone.  Instead of a commonplace biz card that just fulfills having a card and you spend all your time wondering if you should pull it out of your purse or not.

With a “structure/ or an invitation” like a business card you love -you can’t wait to share it.  That’s marketing that’s fun, easy and authentic!

sponsor-copy-225x300Another idea for introverts is to sponsor a table at a networking event. It gives you a reason (or an invitation) for being there.  You aren’t just wandering around wondering who you should talk to and feeling like an outsider because you can’t seem to just jump into a conversation easily. You have a place and a purpose and people will come up to you.

I know how it works…you are great once people know you or your introduced but initially you need a “thing”…a “structure” of some sort to get you going.

Don’t confuse the reserve of an introvert for lack of confidence.

Don’t confuse the reserve of an introvert for lack of confidence.


 That’s just not true!  Many successful women I know are highly confident in their work and value of what they offer…it’s just that initial connection in large groups of people they don’t know they might need a something they can lean into to open up connections and conversations with others.

I encourage my clients to have an “invitation” – something they can share that invites a conversation. It draws people to you which is wonderful so you don’t have that feeling like you have to thrust yourself upon someone (you introverts know what I’m talking about energy-wise!).

I use my Graphic Murals for this very purpose. At conferences and workshops I draw an eight foot mural capturing the sound bytes of a key note speakers. Not only is it fun and yes, it’s really cool and creative…and people come up to me at the conference.



They see my work and they want to meet me and talk about my work. How wonderful for an introvert!  It’s a structure that is great for a person who isn’t a natural networker at big events.

You might have a flyer to share, a cool free gift of some sort – hey, that’s why pens & coffee mugs were so popular back in the days when sales people would drop by offices…it was an ice breaker, or what I like to call an invitation to have a conversation.

Next time you are going to a networking event or a conference or workshop – think about what your “invitation” can be?

It could be a cool toy with your message on it, an oversized and unusual business card or you might want to volunteer to be a sponsor where you’ll get natural visibility and others will promote you.

Let me know how you enjoy today’s message and you introverts – let me know your ideas for your invitation.

[Miracle Marketing Message] Pay Attention to the Synchronicities


Happy Monday!

I’m just back from a extra long weekend of celebrating my Big Birthday at the beach. I met a girlfriend at Seabrook Island (one of my fave beaches) and truly took time to just enjoy, savor, play, rest, rejuvenate… and of course, talk, talk, talk about life and business! It was so special and so much fun!

One of the things I love about taking time off is that it gives me an opportunity to slow down and listen to what is wanting to happen in my life. What I need to let go of, what I want to embrace, what wants to shift and emerge. Really listening to those whispers and paying attention to the synchronicities and messages that show up to tell me more about my path.

This week I recorded a special Miracle Marketing Message about paying attention to synchronicities and how that will help you on your own path. Take a listen, and I hope you enjoy!


Audio_ipod_w-logoPay Attention to the Synchronicities

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: Pay Attention to the Synchronicities


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Here it is! Today is my birthday & you get the gift! (Free Creativity Module)

It’s here! Today is my BIG birthday!

And we are going… to… CELEBRATE BIG!

I want to celebrate your creativity, so YOU get the gift!


Just for today – my birthday – you can choose any one of the delicious 16 creative modules in the Business Fusion Studio- absolutely for free!

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I can’t think of a better gift: being surrounded by kindred spirits amping up their creative expression, ideas, and courage!

I’m in heaven!