Biz Planning Tip #3 – Social Media Calendar & Last Chance to Save!


Daily Content Planner exampleI want to share another business planning tip with you today as you are thinking about 2018.

It’s about social media.

Specifically, it’s about being intentional with social media.

Don’t misunderstand… keep having fun and being spontaneous taking pictures of your cute kids and kitties! And for us in Atlanta we even got some selfies in the snow already this winter.

But with your business… it’s time to be intentional.

What I mean is to be present when you show up on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don’t just LIKE and move on. You want to make a comment as much as possible – and really see and hear the other person. It’s very memorable and will create stronger relationships. (Plus, that gives you more facebook points in their mysterious algorithm!)

Make a “real” virtual connection. (That sounds funny but it’s part of our world now.)

Here’s another suggestion: I teach my clients that when they are a member of a Facebook group, it’s an opportunity to show up as a leader and a learner. Ask questions. Share answers. Share your opinion and and your unique point of view (with respect).

And here’s one more thing: You’ll want to create a calendar of topics to post for each social media platform. It’s time to get organized and be purposeful and intentional in your social media for your business.


[Video] Did You Miss the Facebook Live? – Here You Go!

by Laura West

We had such a fun time over on Facebook Live yesterday as I gave a sneak peek of the new Creative Business Planning system!

I know you can’t always join in during a live broadcast so I thought I would share the video with you.

I talked about some common problems with traditional business planning and I touched on topics like “brain clutter,” “adding beauty to your business,” and why it’s important to plan in changing times.

I’ve been using these creative business tools with my clients for years. I’ve finally pulled them all together in one place, added some additional tools to make it a well rounded creative system you can use all year long!

And they are made for whole brain thinking… stimulating to the creative side and focused for the practical side!

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to get your own Creative Business Planning system – and when you do it before Friday – you get the extra special low pricing AND you can join us Friday for our first virtual planning day.

(No worries if you are not free on Friday – we have 2 more virtual planning days.)

Check out all the details here!

PS: One of the many things I’m so thrilled about with the Creative Business Planning system is that you can use the tools all year long. You won’t create something and never look at it again… you can use these tools every day! It will truly make your business dreams come alive! Here’s that link again to check it out.

Facebook Live Today at 1pm ET – Please Join Me!

by Laura West

I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to be on Facebook Live today at 1pm ET.

I’ll be giving you a sneak peek of my new Creative Business Planning tools! They are truly a beautiful, creative and a practical way to create a plan you love!

And one you’ll use throughout the whole year!

Come over to my Facebook page at

Please join in at 1 pm ET and I’d love for you to play… comment, ask questions and join in the conversation! I’m very excited to share this with you! I really think you’re gonna like it…

PS: And, you can still join us for the Creative Business Planning Experience – creative tools, learning videos, business ideas, and 3 choices of virtual planning days! Our first retreat is this Friday so go ahead and get the details here to sign up!