Today’s Energy Infusion Words: Take Your Broken Heart and Make It Into Your Art.


Today’s Energy Infusion Words: Take Your Broken Heart and Make It Into Your Art. These words were by Carrie Fisher were shared by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes. What makes your heart break? Focus on helping others who share this experience. This is your purpose…your life’s art.

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Deadline today! Are You Feeling the Ideas and Possibilities of 2017?


CalendarWhat are you feeling this week? Are you full on into relaxation mode or are you feeling the ideas and possibilities of 2017 nipping at your heart and mind?

If you feel the latter… why don’t you join me and others for my annual Creative Business Planning Retreat on Thursday?

I’ll start off sharing my 10 step Creative Business Planning process to help you get organized, celebrate 2016 and move into making decisions about 2017 with projects, marketing and money!

Oh yeah, and Sign up today to save $$!

More details and sign up here: Creative Business Plan Training and Virtual Retreat.

Cheers to you and to a brilliant 2017!

A Better Way to Plan Your Year…


growthAre you ready to get those ideas out of your head?

It’s time to create a plan so you can go into 2017 in a powerful way with focus and inspired actions.

The hardest part is getting those ideas out of your head!

This is so important – because all those ideas, thoughts, possibilities take up valuable space and energy. Getting them out of your head and on paper will help you sort through the opportunities and DECIDE what to commit to.

That’s key to your growth and success!

Here’s the thing though… it doesn’t have to be drudgery to create a business plan.

In fact, I’ve created 1000’s of business and marketing plans over my corporate career and as a coach and I can tell – you don’t need a dull, boring, complicated business plan.

You want a business plan that works for your brain, your style, and your business success.