35 Real Life Passion Projects – Is Yours on the List?


Over the last few years I’ve been leading the 30-Day Passion Project programs and helping people discover their very own passion projects, I’m in awe that we’ve had over 250 Passion Projects.


Here is a just a sampling of some of those 250+ passion projects:

  1. Beginner program for teaching English for Japanese Women
  2. 30 days of art journaling
  3. Organize, clean, set up my studio, & build my dream creation table
  4. Create a Photo Quote Series
  5. Write new ebook: Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility
  6. 30 days of meditation
  7. 30 days of deep journal writing – to connect with my soul’s yearnings (and it led to finding words and authentic invitations to a new retreat)
  8. Creating content for a new program
  9. Organizing my office
  10. Creating a new confidence class for teen age girls
  11. Creating, pre-writing/planning & launching eZine: Speaking From the Heart of Business
  12. Marketing & branding new line of comfortable yet stylish pajama bottoms for women
  13. Creating proof for my program -enrolling the first clients & set up capturing the results
  14. Journaling, writing, researching my next fiction novel
  15. Organizing & categorizing my beads so I can start my jewelry side biz
  16. Finding quotes & creating photo quotes for launching my upcoming book, From Stuck to Success ~ Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Writing Dreams
  17. Exploring how to merge my highly creative & artist self with my coaching business
  18. Learn & create a presentation on Prezi or SlideShare for my new message
  19. Combine my love of numerology/numerology business with my love of art/creativity, creating visual Numerology Maps
  20. Develop a Creative Business Plan for my website
  21. Creating a beautiful logo and labeling for my natural skincare line
  22. 30 days of immersing in daily joy
  23. Launch The PinkCoattails Podcast
  24. Produce a guided meditation for women
  25. Create a deck of essential oil/plant oracle cards with an accompanying book of information for each plant/oil
  26. Create my own range of herbal teas
  27. Joyful Life BluePrint Project
  28. Creating a photo “blueprint” of what I want my new single life to look like
  29. Video series for Linked In
  30. Work on my graphic novel
  31. Raise money for a glass art sculpture
  32. Create a Chinese cooking class to take out the mystery
  33. 30 days of juicy blogging
  34. Creating relaxation/meditation and instructional audio CDs
  35. Create a new rocking newsletter!

See anything in those projects that inspires you?

Does this remind you of that secret dream, crazy idea, or that inkling of a creative idea which keeps begging for your attention?

It’s amazing what’s possible when you focus for 30 days on a Passion Project!

Your Passion Project idea takes on energy, it attracts opportunities and people, the next steps light up for you… and it’ll take you on a journey to where you and your business really want to go next!

We’ve had many people take multiple 30-Day Passion Project programs as an accountability to give their “side” Passion Project the space & time to come to life.

I would love for YOU to join us for the upcoming 30-Day Passion Project.

One of my clients called it a “confidence incubator” for your passion!

It’s 30 days full of creative energy, ideas, focus, support, community to help YOU move your Passion Project into being REAL!

I want to see YOUR Passion Project come alive!

Go over here and sign up now while it’s ONLY $97 (such an incredible value!) … and you can start sharing your Passion Project, asking questions, and giving support to others – right away in our Facebook group!

We start Monday, June 1, and I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30-Day Passion Project.

With passion… in action,

Laura West, CPCC
Creative Business Coach
Purveyor of Passion Projects
InfoDoodle Artist

Center for Joyful Business

P.S. Hey, here’s a special bonus… in case your schedule didn’t allow you to sign up for last week’s Discover Your Passion Project teleclass, here’s a bonus audio from that teleclass – in case you have any questions…

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[Miracle Marketing Message] Is your Free Gift boring or buzz-worthy?



Listen to: Is your Free Gift boring or buzz-worthy?

It’s time to take a look at your Free Gift. Or if you don’t have at least one you’ll want to create a Free Gift to entice people to sign up for your newsletter or future updates from you.

If you already have a free gift now is the time to discover if it’s really working for you. Does it reflect your latest message? Is it what your Creative Inspirational Leader self wants to most share? When someone sees it online – is it irresistible?

What makes it an Irresistible Free Gift? You want your free gift to be soooo exciting, interesting, fascinating that someone who comes to your web page can’t help but want it. This is the place to showcase your creativity, practical goodness or an inspirational heart-opening message. So much so that when someone gets a glimpse from reading an article, a blog post, a visit to your website or even a FB ad they can’t help but say I GOTTA HAVE that!!

Here are some qualities:

-Does your free gift answer the #1 question you get all the time from members of your tribe?

-Is it full of practical advice, expertise and resources that they can put to use right now?

-Is it so creative, unique and different that someone will sign up just to see what you are doing? Because your market loves unique and creative?

-Is it beautiful and they can’t resist?

-Is it just so inspiring and connected to their passion and dreams that they feel they have met a kindred spirit?

Use these questions and to look at your free gift and do a check in.

It doesn’t have to meet all of the questions but you’ll want to include at least one and preferably two! This will make the difference between having a free gift and having a free gift that is irresistible and truly helps you build your list and community of like-minded members and gives value.

What ideas are popping for you now in creating or upgrading your free gift?


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Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Lots of energy popping over here at the Center for Joyful Business and at home. My son, Nick just graduated last weekend from high school and Sam is now in high school Wow! It’s amazing how time flies by so quickly.

It’s also times like this that make you reflect on your life and take a little tally. Check in with how you are doing, you know what I mean?

More and more every day I am committed to what is most important – and important to me, not someone else. I mean it’s my “tally sheet”, right?

Part of that is being wiling to take a stand for my passions and creative expression. It’s not always easy to do when it doesn’t fit in with everyone else’s ideas but it’s the only way I can say – Yes, a life well lived!

Speaking of passion and creativity…


I’d love for you to join us… 30-Day Passion Project Program is open!


Woohoo!!! The doors are open, and we are ready for the next 30-Day Passion Project!

Are YOU?

I know as a creative type, I “suffer” from so many ideas and so much passion that it’s really easy for me to fritter away my time and energy on a lot of smaller actions… a little of this and a little of that.

Those actions that keep me busy but don’t make a huge difference in my Creative Thought Leadership and certainly won’t jump my income… and, honestly, it’s fun, but not fulfilling.

“Scattered Energy = Scattered Results”

“Focused Energy = Focused Results”

I see it with my clients all the time. Can you relate, too?

It really is time to say YES to that project… that one creative idea that won’t leave you alone. It might be scary and you keep resisting it. Or maybe your left brain analytical says, “Yeah, but…”

What if you give yourself permission to focus one ONE passion & creative idea for 30 days?

Test it out.

Explore it.

Immerse in it.

Prove to yourself what’s possible when you focus… along with a really supportive community!

This 30-day program is going to help you focus on your Passion Project – so you can do all that and more!

It’s 30 days full of creative energy, ideas, focus, support, community to help YOU move your Passion Project into being REAL!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30-Day Passion Project.

We already have women all around the world joining us to focus on their Passion Projects. Just think of the energy, inspiration, and support you’ll get knowing you’re part of this community of creative entrepreneurs creating projects that stir hearts and spirits!

This will be the 8th 30-Day Passion Project, and over 250 30-Day projects. Amazing!

I have to tell you that many of the women are joining us again… because they got so much out of it… and they’re ready for more!

Wow…. can you imagine? How exciting it is to actually see your Passion Project birthed and out into the world?

Here’s what some of them said:


If you are tired of the same old marketing formulas and ready to tap into your creativity and passion – what makes YOU unique – then you’ll so want to join us!

I want to see YOUR Passion Project come alive!

Go here and sign up now while it’s ONLY $97 (such an incredible value!) … and you can start sharing your Passion Project, asking questions, and giving support to others – right away in our Facebook group!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project and help you create it into being! (Can you tell I’m excited too! I LOVE helping birth these Passion Projects into the world!)

Warmly & with lots of passion,

Laura West, CPCC
Creative Business Coach
Creator of the 30-Day Passion Project
InfoDoodle Artist

Center for Joyful Business

P.S. You may be full of JoyFEAR as you sign up! (JoyFEAR – excitement and fear coexisting at the same time.) It’s totally normal… in fact, it’s that energy that will help propel you forward, open you up to new ideas, and commit to take those baby steps that will soon have you off and running! Breathe. Smile. Join us now, and then get excited about the possibilities!

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Tomorrow we go live with my free training teleseminar, Discover Your Passion Project.

I’ve gotten such great feedback from women entrepreneurs who can’t wait to let out their passion, come alive, and put themselves on the map.

Success in your marketing is no longer about the “right strategy” – it’s about being courageous, creative and being willing to stand out!

Your Passion Project is THE project that makes you come alive… that gets you so excited to share that you can’t hold back! And your marketing – and your business – will easy, fun, and impactful.

Are you ready to stand out? To let your passion shine? To step into your purposeful work? And turn your creative idea into creative reality?!


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Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Telecall
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This one idea – your Passion Project – can totally change your path to success, re-infuse life into your business, and put you in front of your potential clients and customers in a big way. Are you ready?

P.S. I know it can be scary to step up this way… I’ll help guide you. I’ll give you tools to find your Passion Project as well as how to get it started and keep it moving. Join me tomorrow!

P.P.S. Here’s what Dawn Richerson had to say about working on a Passion Project:

During the 30-Day Passion Project, I really got that I can approach this particular project day by day and that it will unfold beautifully and reach those it is intended to reach — without my striving or reaching any particular benchmarks. I was continually surprised that what unfolded was not necessarily what I had hope for or imagined at the outset. I had opportunities to go deeper, connect with others and explore my passion project on my own that I had not anticipated. I loved being able to participate at my own level and pace.
I learned that there are lulls and unexpected waves, and that something IS happening even when I think nothing is happening :)
I loved witnessing the birth of so many different gifts into the world. It felt like when you get to be there in the delivery room for a time and see the making of a miracle, not knowing for sure where it all will go but knowing that magnificence of the moment and all the infinite possibility held within it.
If you’re considering a Passion Project, you don’t have to have it all figured out. It’s ok just to be with something and see where it goes.
Dawn Richerson