Today’s Energy Infusion: Be A Pollyanna!


Be A Pollyanna.blogToday’s Energy Infusion: Be A Pollyanna! This is not being naïve- this is a power attitude. It’s about believing strongly in your idea and its success. It’s about staying the course & being committed because you see what’s possible. And when you have this attitude…you take actions to support it!

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Today’s Energy Infusion Word: Welcome!


Welcome.blogToday’s Energy Infusion Word: Welcome! It’s the beginning of the week and I’m sure you have a big to-do list already. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and irritable- what if you welcome in your next project, task or person to meet. Invite in & be present. See how much better your day flows!

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[Atlanta Area] Meet me Friday for the Success Conversation Café!




If you are around the Greater Atlanta Area  – I’d love to meet you in person tomorrow for our Success Conversation Café!

It’s an informal opportunity for us to have a conversation about what’s up and wanting to happen in your business.

So often we meet at other events and just never have time to truly talk so I created this opportunity to do just that!

Success Cafe at Alon’s Market and Café at Perimeter

Friday, August 26th

Put it on your calendar to come and visit

9:30 am – 11:30 am

I’d love to see you!